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  1. CursedByFire

    wip Metroid Prime - Glaciers Never Sleep i know this thread isn't for this remix....but...WOW! Another great by Robo
  2. Wow....this has always been one of my favorites from the game and you do it justice here. And I would agree that it is pretty far from the original. You've given a totally new feel to the song. Great work, can't wait to hear the finalized version.
  3. CursedByFire

    Final Fantasy History By Dual Dragons - Release!!!

    wow.............! nuff said..... downloaded all of them
  4. CursedByFire

    Underground Fever (Mario Underground)

    yeah. this definitely belongs on OCR.
  5. CursedByFire

    Kingdom Hearts 'Traverse Town'

    IS Kenny G playin sax? lol This is great stuff!
  6. CursedByFire

    Super Mario World UNCENSORED!!

    yeah....this would be a sweet orchestral lol. it is amazing though. nice work! i love the thriller part at 4:04....totally sweet lol. I had no idea where this song was going next!
  7. CursedByFire

    DKC 2: Serious Monkey Business Preview

    have you decided who's doin the artwork?
  8. CursedByFire

    Donkey Kong Country 2: Serious Monkey Business - History

    If you wanted to see more artwork, let me know...I have a few more ideas on paper.
  9. Just a suggestion. I would wait til The DKC2 project is finished. This way you can get more people to participate and help out with this project. You should have no trouble finding some willing participants! Sounds like a sweet project!
  10. CursedByFire

    Donkey Kong Country 2: Serious Monkey Business - History

    This is only a sample. Nothing final about this lol. Made it in about an hour. Any suggestions? Thought I would use the brambles cuz its probably the most memorable in the game, especially from the level where you're racing screech. It was one of the levels that ticked you off lol. If you want the link!995F65834D8064F5!113/?startingImageIndex=0&commentsExpand=0&addCommentExpand=0&addCommentFocus=0&pauseSlideshow=0 The title is no way final. I just chose that name just to fit it and see how it would look. That is by no means my decision, just took something and put it on there. I can change it to whatever Bahamut and Taucer want. I'm also working on another one with a cartoonish look to it. And I'll probably do a third one with the kremlings.
  11. CursedByFire

    Donkey Kong Country 2: Serious Monkey Business - History

    I almost have a sample of an album cover done. who do i send it to? Taucer, what's your email? or bahamut?
  12. CursedByFire

    Donkey Kong Country 2: Serious Monkey Business - History

    if you guys still need a name idea, maybe Kremlings in Concert would work via the previous album of Kong in Concert. It would help tie them together i guess...
  13. CursedByFire

    Donkey Kong Country 2: Serious Monkey Business - History

    I don't have a portfolio on hand but I can put one of my ideas on paper and let you take a look. I'll probably focus on the kremlings since that what you guys are suggesting the name of the album to be related to them. Let me know the basics of you want on the cover and what needs to be the cover or back cover...such as the names of the pieces on the album which is probably a ways away of finalizing.
  14. CursedByFire

    Donkey Kong Country 2: Serious Monkey Business - History

    yeah lol. sry about the triple post. computer froze and i kept hitting the post reply button : ) but anyway, let me know who the head of this project so i can contact them about the designs. also let me know what the final name of the album is going to be if you did want me to design it or collaborate with someone...
  15. CursedByFire

    anyone know of good orchestral or symphony remixes?

    Alright. Thx guys for all your help. Now I have to narrow it down lol. There are so many superb mixes to go with, it's going to be a hard choice. I am inspired by them all. Thanks for all your help!