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Just Married!

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You're going to have to update your biography now.

Congratulations, man!

Ill be in the Army four years from now, so no telling what world war we'll be on by then =P.

Good luck!


I know a really nasty joke regarding this, but... Im gonna go ahead and not say it.

Hey Jago, your name is Stephen King, I bet you get a lot of stupid cmments about that.

Thanks for catching that bio. As for my name (spelled with a V, btw), you have no idea.

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I take it you got the whole visa thing worked out ok then? I remember you asking me about it last year.

I -think- we've got it mostly locked down now, thanks. Like most government crap it seems needlessly complicated, but whatcha gonna do...

Actually, everyone else was more nervous than we were, which was strange. But then after dating that long, we had no reason to be nervous since our relationship was already set.

Ah, I understand (and that's a sweet way you put it). It's just been a lot to set up (even while trying to keep things simple) and various family members end up breathing down our necks to pester about every little detail, it's enough to make me wanna punch someone. Sorry for hijacking your thread.

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