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  1. haha sorry it was just a really lame attempt at sarcastic trolling too
  2. thanks guys! i don't know what a yashaman is but it doesnt sound very popular here sorry for this thread please delete it if it is necessary! //sarcasm
  3. Playing Secret of Mana with three people is one of the most fun gaming moments I have, but it usually just depends on the type of game. Games with epic storylines or gameplay are great fun to play with friends, but long RPGs I definitely prefer solo. I'd love to spend nights just taking turns and going through entire games such as Metal Gear Solid, various Zelda games, Shadow of the Colossus and countless others.
  4. Like a lot of people here I started coming to OCR after reading about it in the July 2002 issue of EGM.
  5. You? Talk too much? No ways...
  6. good dubs are pretty friggin' hard to find
  7. It certainly doesn't suck by any stretch of the mind, but going back to play Shadow of the Colossus is not as easy as it was before.
  8. Yeah, as already stated there are a decent amount of people here from Texas. No idea if they'd be down for a meetup though.
  9. Haha you are totally right, Coop.
  10. Looking forward to this! I know you can do it, JaDE!
  11. Kenobio

    Nintendo Wii

    How's the replayability on Muramasa once you've already beaten it?
  12. Just got mine in as well. I love the art on the case and the cd itself, and the music of course is excellent too!
  13. Hmmmm. Judging by a different fun little cel-shaded DS game I think it's possible the graphics could be just fine. Can't wait for this game!
  14. Neat! Always happy to hear when stuff like this happens, particularly for underrated games.
  15. He's this guy in the link: http://www.sawf.org/Newsphotos/Hollywood/Inglourious_Basterds_Still.jpg Don't really want to give anything away, but his role is pretty small (but amusing). Edit: Damn, responded to a spambot. This post is pretty unnecessary now.
  16. yeah, the mike myers cameo is even gloriously noted in the opening credits
  17. Kenobio

    Sony PS3

    To say that all new games are sold like that is a bit of an exaggeration. Most new games that GS receives are never opened, as even with new releases that employees want to borrow only a few get opened and played compared to the 20-50 copies that come in to be sold. On top of that, I recall my manager being a real Nazi about getting the game being borrowed back exactly as it was. If such wasn't the case we were forced to buy the game. But I totally understand not wanting to buy new games from GS in any case.
  18. Kenobio

    Sony PS3

    Sounds like you got one of the last copies they had, with the box for being the display box you picked up. A pretty frequent occurrence with games that sell out. I find it amusing that new games are allowed to be borrowed by GS employees (with the notion that they bring 'em back undamaged) and upon their return they are merely repackaged again in new shrinkwrap.
  19. Saw it, loved it. Opening scene and the bar scene were my favorites. Superb acting, particularly from Mr. Jew Hunter (Christoph Waltz, best actor winner at Cannes for his role). Man, and how about those new trailers? Although just a teaser, Inception looks craaaazy. Can't wait!
  20. very happy for him, but are you sure he's cool with you posting personal information?
  21. I haven't played it myself, but I've heard the PS3-exclusive Infamous is really good.
  22. My bad. Used to frequent it regularly but don't go there much at all since things took a change.
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