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OCR01825 - *YES* Cave Story 'Polar Star Overdrive' *RESUB*

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Original Submission: http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=13900

Your ReMixer name: Joren de Bruin

Your real name: Joren de Bruin

Your email address: ayato_kamina1@hotmail.com

Your userid: 16286

Name of ReMix: Polar Star Overdrive

Name of game(s) arranged: Cavestory

Name of individual song(s) arranged: Last Battle (Linkage)

Your own comments about the mix:

I'll keep this short and sweet and refer you to my first submission for any information pertaining the inspiration and influences behind the mix. I've spent a lot of time honing my production skills since then (I hope you can tell :) ) and I'm quite confident you'll find the production and mastering a lot more cleaner this time around, hopefully to the level of giving this a yes. I've kept the arrangement the same since it was apparently already well above the bar. Enjoy!



Thanks a lot for providing the source, Joren.

Cave Story (Game Rip) - (31) "Last Battle"

Wow, the whole track sounded extremely sizzly thanks to those cymbals. The separation of of the parts still needed some work, IMO, but maybe I'm getting up there in age and can't handle the \m/ no mo'. Initially, it seemed like the melody should have been more prominent (:01-:21), even if it was handled by what sounded like the bass guitar. But the focus was more on the strings synths, which was a reasonable idea.

Not really feeling the bubbly synth on lead from :21-:41; didn't really fit the balls-out rock instrumentation surrounding it. It gave off a Mega Man X kind of vibe, but the synergy wasn't there; same for the return of the bubbly synth from 1:39-2:09. It's a more minor crit; probably could use some effects on it to make it mesh more, but I think better overall EQing would help this, and I don't think the sound has to necessarily be changed.

Props on the synth strings from 1:04-1:19; they sounded really fake, but were couched fairly well in the soundscape; enough to downplay some shortcomings in the sequencing.

Went back to the main melody from :59-1:18, again with the melody more in the back and the counterpoint seemingly in the foreground. I'm not really sure that worked; there wasn't much to focus on for those sections, so it seemed meandering.

In terms of the balance, same crits there as last time. But still a pretty big improvement, and the arrangement was all sorts of awesome; just a bit more tweaking of the EQ to get some better separation and this would be good to go, IMO. If someone could help on that, I think this would be pretty deadly. I'm gonna roll with it and see if we can get this tweaked a bit.

YES (conditional)

EDIT (8/11): Well, if the project file went poof, I've unfortunately gotta go NO based on the production. It doesn't look like that should affect this passing in the long-run though, so good luck on the rest of the vote!

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Huge improvement over the last version. I'm definitely feeling the clarity here and I think the production is very close to the quality of the arrangement now. I agree with Larry that the bubble synth lead doesn't fit into the soundscape quite as well as it should, but for the most part it works.

It can be a difficult decision when you know the remixer can't do a resubmit, but this time it wasn't. This version definitely passes the bar for me on both ends. It's mixed a little sizzly, sure, but not to the point where my ears are bothering me for it. I think it's super-hot (in the non-sizzly sense) and I'd be proud to have it on the front page.


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it always sucks to lose any project

fortunately for you, this is much improved over your original submission. the energy is fantastic and the arrangement and work in orchestration that has gone into is impressive.

it's quite hot indeed in the mix but you know what, it rocks all the same. good shit.


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This is some hard rockin' right here. Great arrangement, no complaints there. The mix is full, but at times its hard to tell whats going on. I'm also not too fond of the overly-square synth lead. The drums were generally okay, even if the snare was a bit high and hollow. Haha, some orchestral hits at 1:04, haven't heard those in ages. Nice.

Whilst the mixing could obviously be a little cleaner whilst retaining the huge energy, obviously the lost project file kinda stops this, but its no deal breaker. Arrangement was a no-brainer even with the short length. I never heard the original sub but this is a comfortable pass imo. Nice to see more Cave Story.


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Larry's right that the track is very sizzly (lots of 8kHz and up), but the rest of his were complaints were fairly masturbatory.

The track is topheavy, but it's not enough to pull it under the bar. Everything else is pretty tight.

Balls to the wall, testicles in your chesticles, Nuts on your butts, donkey in your bathtub, et cetera.


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