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Megaman 7, Killer Instinct & Flashback '20XX: The Night Watcher'

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Okay, so it's not Super Metroid, but Blind, I love your music and hope you get well soon! Pärjäile (take care)!

On to this remix: It contains Wily Stage 1 from Megaman VII (to celebrate the upcoming of MM9), Killer Instinct Theme, and a tiny bit of Flashback. You know it's metal. :)


Whaddya think? I'll update it in a day or two, once I've listened to it a number of times, and see if I've noticed something particularly bad, that needs to be improved. THX

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Intro beeps could lose some low end. Second and fourth bass notes in the intro (pre 0:40) seem to clash with key. The rest sounds good to me, tho you could bring in the intro beeps some time after 3 mins, it gets kind'a repetitive by then.. Gonna be pwnsome when it's done, methinks. Ending is great. :D

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Update with a new link: http://diseasedproject2.googlepages.com/20XX_The_Night_Watcher.mp3

Some minor changes only, mostly concerning the rhythm guitar. I'm gonna try re-recording them with a different preset though later.

Rozo, I'll look into the stuff you mentioned.

edit: though I did alter the ending a bit, it sounded a bit dumb to me :D

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