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Does anyone rent games anymore?


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When Blockbuster Total access offered that free movie/game rental coupon every month, I was on it. Finished Fable, Bioshock, and a few others within a week or so. My roommate will rent games occasionally though, which is cool as he'll often get co-op games on 360. I'm trying to get him to buy his own 360 now that I'm moving out though.

Honestly though, with Gamestop allowing you to return a used game within 7 days, no questions asked for the most part, I don't rent games anymore. Anytime I'm interested in a game, I call a Gamestop and ask if they have a used one in stock. If I feel it's worth my money after a week, I keep it.

It may seem costly as you're paying whatever Gamestop charges for a particular used game (much more than you would pay for a rental) but there's no way to get your money back at Blockbuster or whoever. usually though, I'll read up on a game quite a bit before deciding to buy it, so on the occasions when I do this, I keep a good amount of the used games I buy.

Another thing is that I usually don't care to play too many games as soon as their released, so when I do want to check a game out, enough time has passed that there's usually a copy around my local store.

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I never rent video games anymore. I hardly even buy games nowadays. Though I can't remember how many times I rented Super Mario All-stars, Kirby Super Star and Megaman X4. I pumped so much money into renting those games, that I should have bought them.

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I've rent games only 2-3 times in my life, but I loved it.

Unfortunately it's difficult to find a place where you can do it.

I was at blockbuster last week and I found NiGHTS for Wii (the only interesting title they have for rent).

I'm very happy to play games without paying the full price (that is often too much)

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