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  1. you forgot prot, mate http://www.ourstage.com/music/channel/25-world/NGTTDNVMGLGE-desolation-v personally, I liked his Lords of the Realm mix more, but this is okay too cheers, mates!
  2. When I want to try a game in its entirety, I put this 100Mbit line to good use.
  3. congratulations, you son of a bitch
  4. as long as Uwe Boll's name isn't anywhere on this, it'll be ok
  5. Bro, Happy Belated Bday, Bro Later Bro
  6. Link wasn't just sitting around, oh no, he was sitting around getting assreamed by that priest of light guy¡ Most likely Ninty wanted to take a shot at the Catholic church¡ After a while, the pederast of light probably decided he had enough lulz making sure Link got AIDS and decided that he wanted some new meat in the realm of light¡ ENTER THE SAGES. It's pretty easy to get all their base when you HAV DA (trifarce) OF POWA¡¡ And the redeads? C'mon, man. That's easy¡ What selfrespecting superevil guy doesn't summon a horde of undead to keep the chaos in his new world order? ¡ Yeah, he must've
  7. I enjoyed Majora's Mask better than OoT, I felt OoT was too linear, even with sidequests. The time system in Majora's Mask was incredible, and gave a sense of real trial and error. The game really made you feel like a pervasive, yet unsung hero; because time reset you would have to reacquaint yourself with a great many characters, but the Nintendo quashed the redundancy by tracking your exploits through the Bomber's notebook. It was the most free-form Zelda I had ever played, in that the only restriction was that you had to complete things on the game's timetable, which wasn't that bad cons
  8. One day, 11 hours, and 29 minutes until the North American release. Dennis, I have work on work and school on wednesday, but I might be able to join you guys at 5pm EST or later. I expect great things from this game in the long run. :]
  9. Mac development would not make make sense for a relatively small developer like FSS. Also, Mac is pretty much 99% workstation.
  10. Equinox, what the hell. Haven't seen you around in 100 years. And yes, the gold version is going to be even better than the beta. I'm also thinking about starting a Mythos thread.
  11. Blizzard has the rights to Diablo, including, believe it or not the character "Wirt." I guess Flagship wanted to poke fun at Blizzard, so they have a similar character, who gives you the leg. Yeah, guilds can only be created by elite subscribers, who pay a monthly fee of 9.99 to access elite content. It's not as bad as it sounds, the game is still free to play, but subscribers get more content, like the creation of guilds. Anyone, however, can join a guild. I have to try the full game before I'd make any such financial commitment
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