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  1. Buying an OCR album isn't something I'm really happy about, but I'll end up buying it anyway, hoping that future albums will be free as always. Since I don't really care for a physical CDs, any of these shops is selling a loseless version of it?
  2. Dunther

    How did you first hear of/get involved with OCR?

    It was in my first years of internet, I was searching for Zelda music on emule or something, and found something like Zelda 3 Jazz...followed the url and BAM, totally addicted.
  3. This is the remix I wished for many years, thanks!
  4. Dunther

    OCR Mascots: Class of Spring 2013 - Voting Closed

    1. Ryo Hazuki (Shenmue) 2. Abe (Oddworld) 3. Alucard (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)
  5. Nice, won't be easy to re-download and re-rate all the mixes, but I'll do it somehow
  6. Dunther

    Humble Indie Bundle #5

    And Braid was in HIB2
  7. Dunther

    Humble Indie Bundle #5

    Great bundle, even better than the forth one...
  8. Listening them, I like the new style overall
  9. To me, it reminds a little of Dimmu Borgir too
  10. Awesome piece, loved it since it was still a DoD entry, now seems even better. 5/5
  11. You caught my attention guys
  12. Aaaand why this should be a remix from Blue while the other are from Red ?
  13. Dunther

    UPDATED! YouTube Account RESTORED!

    Retweeted, I'll spread the word on facebook too.