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  1. Yeah the website also says Find Your Way, must be a typo https://ff8.ocremix.org/
  2. Buying an OCR album isn't something I'm really happy about, but I'll end up buying it anyway, hoping that future albums will be free as always. Since I don't really care for a physical CDs, any of these shops is selling a loseless version of it?
  3. It was in my first years of internet, I was searching for Zelda music on emule or something, and found something like Zelda 3 Jazz...followed the url and BAM, totally addicted.
  4. 1. Ryo Hazuki (Shenmue) 2. Abe (Oddworld) 3. Alucard (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)
  5. Nice, won't be easy to re-download and re-rate all the mixes, but I'll do it somehow
  6. Great bundle, even better than the forth one...
  7. Awesome piece, loved it since it was still a DoD entry, now seems even better. 5/5
  8. Retweeted, I'll spread the word on facebook too.
  9. Maybe it's time to use something else, like GrooveShark
  10. Maybe it's because every video links to this website, dunno.
  11. Why the system is Mac? Wasn't Machinarium released as a multiplaform (Windows, Mac, Linux) game, being it in flash?
  12. First of all, thanks for this playlist, I'm creating it right now on my player . You made some typo in the OCR titles, but it's ok, I just want to notice you that some links are not correct:
  13. I played it for a while, but right now I prefer using my energy to craft things to sell... I think I'll stop when I'll be able to defeat Vanaduke, but I'm waiting a full 5-star set before start trying. I need just a little more money to craft a 5-star shield and I'm done
  14. Yay, I'm downloading most of his stuff, I like it!
  15. I have not stopped yet since it came out
  16. Of course. And pig grunts.
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