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Digg it! - Fans go pro: How OC ReMix put its stamp on Street Fighter II


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Holy crap. I couldn't believe it when I read the GI article about OCR. This is a great opportunity for you guys, and I'm extraordinarily proud to have been a part of this community at one point.

I don't post here much anymore, but I still enjoy the occasional ReMix, and I have a good deal of respect for some of the talent I've heard here over the last six years or so. This community has had its fair share of conflict and drama, but none of that really matters when you have such talented musicians putting out quality music from my favorite hobby. Keep up the good work OCR, and I look forward to hearing your stuff in the new SF2!

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I just got the Beta mostly just to hear the OCR music in game. I played about 5 matches and didn't win one... I'm reminded as to how much I suck at Street Fighter.

As far as the ending themes go, can anyone say whether or not Blood on the Asphault (Richter Mix) will still be used as Guile's ending theme? That's one of the few OCR tracks that I add into non-OCR playlists consistently. I recently played it for my girlfriend and she really liked it too. If not the Richter Mix then perhaps there will be a new mix that includes Shael's vocals?

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