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  1. Ok. I decided to listen this before downloading...just to check it out. When I saw the theme, my mind went to Project X's rendition. I started listening...I heard the static. I thought something was up with my headfones/speakers to be honest. Then the progression finally hit me. Way to captivate the audience Dude...I'm quite impressed with this particular mix. Even the ending said something, as I was waiting to hear the rest of the theme being played...in came the static again -laughs- As always,and particularly THIS time around...Kudos to you Mazedude. =--- Keep on WINning.
  2. some games should NOT be on the Wii Dead Rising is one of them. still, I won't knock it - who knows? It might be succesful... 0.o
  3. ^.^DOA4 ^.^ *back to the topic*
  4. wow... OCR mixin' it with SF cant wait to listen: should be awesome
  5. Oh man...I missed it... in anycase, hope u had a good one dude! May you live to see many more. p.s - congrats on the engagement [if i never mentioned it b4] 1!
  6. Chrono Trigger for the DS.... MUST...OWN... I'll DEFINATELY buy a DS just for this -reads that link below- hmm....wait wait...I dunno yet
  7. There was a particular Metroid mix from a while back. Im wondering if: 1. when remixes are no longer existent, are they stored somewhere here on OCR? 2. or are they just discarded? If there's a topic like this already. forgive me. I just wanna know where the remix is...even forgot the name. All I remember is the progression -8-bit intro of samus' entry into brinstar --techno-esqe intro of brinstar theme...and so it goes on. I may be at a loss, but I liked that mix. Hope you guys can help.
  8. This should be interesting. Can't wait =)
  9. Wow... I dunno what to say. I haven't been exposed to much of his work but he was OCR. RIP Kee.
  10. I harmonized with the vocals but thats not the point. i love this track. everything just flows together...so dreamy... *ahem* gud stuff guys
  11. can i tell u im still stuck at disc 1: track 5... when im thru ill give a full review sweet!
  12. This Schala MiX... sumn about it just blew me away. admittedly this has been re-played numerous times since its release... good stuff!
  13. I...love...this...so...much... dont have any particular favorites...yet [except for maybe Hymn Of Valor...the outro is just beautiful. more comments to come
  14. SF has been..still is, one of my eternal favorites in the videogame realm. This compilation really does the game more than enough justice Gotta make special mention of my 2 favorite mixes... Ken and Ryu's adaptations. Thank you...thanks so much :cool: DJ's theme - awesome! good work guys...keep it up. 10/10 :cool:
  15. the first time i heard this i was kinda skeptic... then i listened...more and more. this thing had me in stitches! i cant help laughing! "BOOO!" lmao gud stuff
  16. this mix...very soothing. found myself listening to it over and over again...the violin's a nice touch as well. definately my best pic for the "Zeal" theme.
  17. Im in love with this Remix...literally. It feels like im floating in the air...especially the last seconds where they key transcends [for want of a better word] and the bg instuments fades. xlnt ambience...simply brilliant. I even took it to sound forge and raised the initial key using the vibrato effect *3.65 semitones upwards*...and i cant stop listening ever since!
  18. not to be such a n00b... but im wondering which of these are better: Cakewalk/Cubase/FL?
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