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  1. The hard way is to look up and send a resume to / cold-call as many studios as you can think of, if they don't have job listings on their home page or whatever. The other, possibly less hard way is to get a job in QA. Testing. Hell. If you have a job right now, chances are testing pays less and is far less forgiving. The advantage, however, is that you are in direct contact with ALL the right people on the development team. Get to know some people, earn some connections, and send some of your demos around. Next time someone needs a new musician for a project, why go through an expensive and time-consuming hiring process for that when you have a perfectly capable musician working for you already? This is my understanding of the topic, anyway. This foot-in-the-door approach is universally agreed upon as the best way to get into the game industry as a designer/programmer/modeller/level designer/etc. I'm only assuming it applies to music as well. There are successful freelancers that aren't tied to any one company, but it's my understanding that most of them established themselves in the company ranks first before going freelance. Oh, and don't take my word as law, since I've never actually worked for a game company. Most I have to go on is a shitload of articles and interviews that have pretty much universally agreed that testing is the best way to break into the business.
  2. I went ahead and advertised this in the Shacknews "forum", so hopefully this will bring the project some extra love. Downloading the torrent now, but I love what I've heard so far!
  3. Haha, I remember when people got all angry over the sidebar being introduced. Hell, I was probably one of them at the time. Either way, I like the new design and I still can't begin thank you all for the work you all do. I've been here off-and-on since 2001, and every time I pop by you guys have something up that makes my day a bit more enjoyable. I love this site!
  4. Porcupine Tree - The Sky Moves Sideways (phase one).
  5. I don't have quite the same love for Illusion of Gaia that I used to. As a kid it was probably one of the two best games of ALL TIME for me (the other being FF4, which I still adore for different reasons than before). There's some really cool things in there, and some great gameplay, but the storytelling and translation are awful and there isn't a single character in the whole thing I like, except maybe poor old Hamlet the pig. Now, on the other end of the spectrum, there's Delta Force: Land Warrior. This was the first FPS I ever played on the PC, did a little online multi over modem, and I thought it was really cool. Going back, the whole damn thing is just so bland and the movement and feel is just not "right". I went from that straight to Half-Life though, and spent the next few years as primarily a PC gamer.
  6. Never played a Tales game before, but I'm enjoying the hell out of this album. Nice work as always, OCR. I pimped it over at Shacknews, which should spike the popularity a little bit.
  7. Holy crap. I couldn't believe it when I read the GI article about OCR. This is a great opportunity for you guys, and I'm extraordinarily proud to have been a part of this community at one point. I don't post here much anymore, but I still enjoy the occasional ReMix, and I have a good deal of respect for some of the talent I've heard here over the last six years or so. This community has had its fair share of conflict and drama, but none of that really matters when you have such talented musicians putting out quality music from my favorite hobby. Keep up the good work OCR, and I look forward to hearing your stuff in the new SF2!
  8. Here's one of George Broussard's posts on Shacknews. Don't expect a full mega-long trailer like the 2001 one.
  9. Save ePSXe for when you want to really fancy up the graphics in your games. http://psxemulator.gazaxian.com/ MUCH easier to configure and work with. Not much of a visual improvement over the original PS1's graphics, but it works very well without hassle, since it doesn't require the plugins like other emulators.
  10. ...Wow. I haven't been very active in this community lately. I didn't really know too much about Reuben Kee, other than that he was active here and he made some good tunes. I liked his stuff. I didn't really know the guy, so I guess this news doesn't affect me on a very personal level, but I am genuinely sad to see someone really unique, talented, happy, and youthful pass on in such a tragic way. It gets me sick to my stomach every time I read about something like this happening, and more so now because he was part of our little corner of the internet. I guess that's the way the world works though. RIP Reuben.
  11. Thrift shops, swap meets, yard sales, indie game shops, Gametap.
  12. It may not be the Oblivion team that's working on it. Anyway, the big reason I'm impressed by that teaser is that it's all in-engine footage.
  13. Teaser trailer coming sometime today The concept art that's been posted from this game has me interested. Hopefully with the teaser there will be some gameplay details coming as well.
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