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Jurassic Park (SNES) 'Night Vision Batteries' (Building)


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It's very minimalist. I like minimalist.

You're gonna have to work on your levels a bit, the main bits of the remix are way too quiet compared to the stuff that comes in occasionally.

Hm, it's long. Needs more variation. Bring in a melody on top of the bass much earlier. You could also bring in the synth strings earlier, so the listener kind'a knows they're in there. If you wouldn't kill the percussion, the transition would be a little smoother.

You could add some world percussion to cover the middle range. Write (at least) two versions for it - one that's fairly minimal and works as an intro for the track as well as for when the strings come in, and another to use in between. The more elaborate of them should have all the notes fomr the minimal, and some more. Like the idea?

Overall, this sounds like one of those tracks I'd enjoy. More! More! (just... improve it)

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Improved version, hot from the presses:


I don't think this one captures the claustrophobia as well, but it's shorter and has more focus, and the volume's up to snuff. The hiatus from the first might've been due to the rhythm fading in - I've used a highpass filter and the wavefile shows peaks before you can really hear 'm. I've cut it at a more reasonable point now.

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Dunno if it's fully mono, but if the lead bass thing was in mono, it'd feel more claustrophonbic than more expanded ones. Reverbs with low room size obviously also make things feel more shut-in. Long delay effects generally do not.

Also, there's some really cool additions you have here, towards the end. Didn't check source this time, so my memory might be a little off but... is that stuff at the end from source or your own writing? I think you're a little low on source, but I can't say for sure.

It's far more cohesive than the last version, so good job on that. I'm liking it, both the aqtmosphere and the actual writing (tho i wouldn't mind there being _more_ writing). :)

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Since almost all attempts of mine to search for the original set of SPC files has failed (all I can find is Jurassic Park 2), I'm glad that I still have this:

http://www.theheartcore.com/zip/jpsnesost.zip which has all tracks as mp3 files. Eventually all of 'm should be remixed/rearranged and released as a single album.

Good call about the room size - of course the SNES's sample memory isn't that big so it has to do with a roomier reverb included in the sample rather than my wide hall one. I'll see I can make it work.

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