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OCR00990 - *YES* Final Fantasy 6 'Rachel's Gift'


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I'm a new mixer. I'd like to go by Maestrodeclure. my email is maestrodeclure@aol.com. I have some samples of my original work at www.mp3.com/jamesgeorge.

Anyway, mine is a remix of "forever rachel" from ff6 entitled "Rachel's Gift". Yeah I know you guys probably have ff6 remixes up to your ears, but no one has seemed to make a good remix of this theme, so I thought it was about time. I hope you guys will accept it. I managed to be original and creative with it, yet without disturbing it's delicate timbre at the same time. I think you'll like what I've done with it. If you guys post it, please credit both Nabuo Uematsu as the composer, however a credit is also required for Micheal Huang - he is the piano arranger off of which this remix was inspired. so, without further ado:

there's a bunch of crap on the site for many purposes, but the link I left for you guys is clearly marked. Do you guys host the songs you use? Or do I need to leave that there. Thanks,


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Was worried at the beginning, but now it seems to be picking up. Nice arrangement.

Original sections, cool.

Low violin is too loud. It drownds out the other instruments.

Nice light arrangement with plenty of originality.

Very moody.

I think the phaser is uncalled for.

Still, this is nice quality stuff. A nice addition to oc.


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Mmhmm.. first few seconds a little odd, but by the time it gets to the

point its pretty cool.

Some of the dissonant sounding progressions in the intro are a little

uncomfortable, but work well enough.

Instrumentation is nice so far. I always felt this theme was a little

too spastic though.... jumping around in what it was doing too much, but

I didn't play the game, so maybe I'm missing out on some sort of

symbolism or something. Oh well.. back to the track at hand..

still neat stuff going on with rich instrumentation and the like.

but that weird phased/eq'ed piano thing just rubs me the wrong way.

It finishes clean, like a nice Amber Bock, but the first few tastes are a

little rough.

Overall, nice excecution. Looking forward to seeing it on the site.


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hmm....i'm not sure i like the empty space in the intro. while i'm not opposed to the idea of having empty space in a song, i think this particular example might benefit from some ambient noise, soft pads, or something to let us know that there IS, in fact, a song attached to the riff. this is a minor personal gripe.

The patches are quite impressive, particularly the winds. however, i tend to agree with Prot about the flange.

clarinet sounds fantastic.

it seems to be getting a little crowded in the low-frequencies around 3:30.

towards the end, i think there is a little too much reverb on the piano.

On the whole, this mix has great dynamics, and good development, and the only gripes i could find, while noticeable, are minor and dont detract from the listening experience significantly. i think its one of the more interesting and well done orchestral mixes i've heard. Well done.


I'm glad i could begin my judgedom on a positive note.

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