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Super Mario 64 'Dire, Dire Docks Mix'

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Well I've been working a little with this remix of Dire Dire Docks from Super Mario 64, my friends seem to like it, but I could use some feedback from the community, thanks.


I wish you luck with this mix. So far, the best version I've heard has been a Midi:


Thanks to the progression and sublime yet awesome drums, this midi gets me excited.

That said, your mix is very unique and interesting. However, what it lacks is palpable progression, in my opinion. Give it something to build up to. If you click through the various parts of the song, beginning, middle, end, the instrument choice and level of intensity is roughly identical.

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It's very simple sounding. The isntrument is fine, but if you're just gonna have that, you should make it sound like a performance. Vary velocities and pacing according to some sense of progression that you have to devise.

Even when there's a lot going on, it sounds empty, simplistic. Consider using pads at least some of the time, even softly in the bg. It'll get you more control over the emotional landscape, take care of the empty feeling if necessary.

It's an interesting idea that I'd like to see you develop further, cuz it has a lot of potential. At its current level, it sounds like notes. Just notes. Work on the performance and progression. This could be great. :)

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It's more performancelike than I imagine it was at my last critique.

It's a bit difficult to get a sense of the rhythm, but on the other hand, when I do hear the ticking little rhythmic... things, they start to bother me. I guess that's the perfect balance.

Once again, tho, I'll have to say it should sound more like a performance. Take a backup, and then imagine drawing the intensity outline. Start, loud, calm, break, finale, or whatever progression you feel is appropriate. After that, change velocities accordingly. This is a track that could benefit from some mild tempo changes, tho the velocities are more important for changing the intensity.

The melody instrument around 1:15 in v2.7 feels like it doesn't belong. The slow attack feels inconsistant with the rest of the mix. On the other hand, those weird little noises around 1:40 are pretty cool. Hard to say which version is better.

As for the ending... It doesn't work atm. It could work... if it was more of a performance! :D Seriously, the biggest problem with this mix, imo, is the velocities. It still feels more like notes than music. It might be that you've done a lot and little of it appears, so check your synth settings if note velocity controls the cutoff and volume.

This feels a bit long for little more than a quote of the last paragraph of my previous post.

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I don't know where you got the idea to do a completely staccato version of Dire Dire Docks, and I won't ask, either. I like it. But like others have mentioned, it needs some of my favorite element - progression. And variation. It gets boring. And if you have a melody (which you should), for this mix it'd probably come in best around 1/3 through. And for pete's sake, make it legato so there's some contrast. You want the listener to feel like you've legitimized all this staccato ambiance into a "melody" all its own during the first 1/3, then when the melody does come in, they should be thinking, "Wow, now all that plucking is a great counterpoint to this new, kickass (preferably) melody."

So keep going with this, I think you're on the right track.

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Your new version sounds cleaner, but like other posters, I really miss a solid rhythm and progression. Thanks for checking out that MIDI I recommended, and you can probably guess I may be biased by its tender loving sounds. You've accomplished a truly unique sound with what you have so far, but I can't help but feel like you could take it further.

What you have right now sounds like ground work for some unusual intensity that you could really drive the melody home through, and then after the dust settles, bring it back down to this plucky, mellow theme you have going on. I don't know if you feel that's a valid suggestion, but I really crave some richness from this tune.

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Well I have some sad news on this remix I've been doing...my program that I used farted out on me for come reason, perhaps it's because I got it via torrent, or something and I just got sick of trying to mess with it so I decided to quit with remixing all together for now. It's not that I couldn't get it again via torrent (I was using the Vuze downloader by the way) but it was giving my computer all kinds of nasty viruses.

Thanks for all of the solid feedback though, If I do work on it anymore it will be a collab with a friend of mine, but as for work with 2.0 and 2.7 that's were it comes to an end for now. Besides I start school in a few weeks and won't have time for any serious mixing for a while. I think I'll stick to the Fan Art Competition and feedback for others for the time being...so for the end to a long response, thanks guys, and I'll post something here if the mix ever gets any further along.

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