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  1. Crap, I've been out of the loop for far to long here...(*thinks back to first submission at FAC 15). When's the last day for this month's? Oh, today great. Well, I'm all for jumping back into things next month.
  2. finally I'll be back for some regular checking! but dang I wish I had the time to work out one for this month...I really like the category. But hey I'll defiantly be in for next month. Good Luck everyone!
  3. Ah Crap I forgot to vote! ...oh well. and Atmuh whoa! unexpected return. Welcome back.
  4. wow I never really heard of this series...oh well, I made one anyway.
  5. whoa, I've miss a lot of stuff, not being around these few months. But I'm back with a submission here. Although I'm not real familiar with these games.
  6. Wow I missed almost 2 months of the FAC around here...dang. For some strange reason I got though the filter today...not sure how. it just seemed to work. Hopefully if all continues to work I should be back into the competition for next month, if not I'll be back on hiatus. Looking good this month though. Really.
  7. dang I've been out awhile, my school doesn't let me view gaming sites so my OCR days during the school year are going to be minimal, great job this month on these ideas though, wish I could have submitted.
  8. well if you have a camera you may be able to take a decent picture of it, then fix it up on the computer...that's usually what I do to start.
  9. Technically I have one done, but it's another Kirby one...I'm kind of using that as a fall back in case I don't do anything better, or from a different game.
  10. A friend of mine and I a few years back made this remix from a cheesy Freeware pinball game. (Moraff Pinball). Anyone seeing from my previous post on my Dire Dire Docks mix, will know that I'm holding off on all new remixes of my own. However going back through folders and such and stumbled upon this old remix. And thought "ooh this turned out really well from what I remember" so I'm interested in if it would be quality enough for submitting on ocr. So since the community knows the mixes here so well, perhaps I'll see how this stands up to the other competition. Let me know if you think I should submit it. http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=db98bb1a7d8fd1e895af63b7d44918aa16b91e0afc7fa249
  11. Well I have some sad news on this remix I've been doing...my program that I used farted out on me for come reason, perhaps it's because I got it via torrent, or something and I just got sick of trying to mess with it so I decided to quit with remixing all together for now. It's not that I couldn't get it again via torrent (I was using the Vuze downloader by the way) but it was giving my computer all kinds of nasty viruses. Thanks for all of the solid feedback though, If I do work on it anymore it will be a collab with a friend of mine, but as for work with 2.0 and 2.7 that's were it comes to an end for now. Besides I start school in a few weeks and won't have time for any serious mixing for a while. I think I'll stick to the Fan Art Competition and feedback for others for the time being...so for the end to a long response, thanks guys, and I'll post something here if the mix ever gets any further along.
  12. Zombies ay...hrm...well I guess I really gotta work this one out. Interesting topic though. I'll have to check in later and see how everyone else is coming along...
  13. What are you kidding me, How dare you not vote!... No I really don't care about missing the chance...Sindra's Terror Bear was much better.
  14. Whoa, 13 votes... that means I got second place (theoretically if there was a second place), that is quite a distance from Sindra's but still, good for me. Enough bragging, congrats dude, can't wait so see this month's theme. Not to mention it was my first try at this competition so I now know what I'm up against...
  15. I hope people are voting, there's not much time left to do so.
  16. Well I've work to the point that it may be over done but I'm not sure. Compare them side by side and let me know which you think is better. Feedback greatly appreciated thanks. Version 2.0 http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?zgl3hkkxwim Version 2.7 (Last revision?) http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?1ydiqlg4hxo
  17. Yeah the second version is defiantly better, but I'm feeling too much ambiance from the melody, I don't know maybe it's fine, but it seems kind of distracting to me.
  18. That midi has some real potential, to be an awesome remix if it was using actual guitars.
  19. Well I sat down and worked some more on it. Here's the next working of it. http://www.mediafire.com/?zgl3hkkxwim Thanks for the feedback guys.
  20. If you have a digital camera and a lamp then you should be able to get an ok picture out of any drawing.
  21. When the drums came in it just blew me away...it's so epic, but after the drums it's a tad loud, maybe too loud, but other than that it sounds great.
  22. Well I've been working a little with this remix of Dire Dire Docks from Super Mario 64, my friends seem to like it, but I could use some feedback from the community, thanks. http://www.mediafire.com/upload_complete.php?id=mmny2dbuxcs
  23. Keep up the good work djp, and Happy B Day!
  24. I totally agree, especially about Nick making crappy shows...This has been the best thing they've come up with in years, but I was almost expecting there to be some episodes afterward about traveling around the world kicking the fire nation out of different places, and restoring balance in a slow process of events. I was impressed overall though.
  25. Just finished watching it myself, as much as I fear for my social status by watching it, It was powerfully amazing, and I almost can see a sequel series erupting from popularity of the series.
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