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Rayman 'Band Land BGM 1'


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Hello. I really don't know what to put here. My song is was made in less than 48hrs for the PRC, the best competition run on this site! And I really like the way it turned out and I want to clean it up some more and get it on the site. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated! I put my song on myspace and here's the url:


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The bass doesn't seem to stick to the right rhythm, it feels rushed part of its repetitions.

Overall, this has a very pleasant sound, It just feels a little unbalanced. The bass seems EQd a little too far down, and the ambience could use some serious stereo placement. The drums are a bit weak, and as far as kick and snare are concerned, that's a problem. You also had a tom that got way too loud, especially compared to the rest of the drums. It also seems like it's missing stuff in its mids. You've got steel drums and the flute in the highs, bass in the lows, and the rest isn't really that audible.

Overall decent. Hard to get a grip of it since the soundscape and instrumentation was pretty much the same throughout. Could work despite that if you change the key range the instruments are playing in (such as moving the bass up or down an octave, flute or steel drums down an octave, or threw in something else to cover the mid range while you dropped one of those for a while).

Not gonna comment on source, as I'm at the end of a wip feedback run and tired. Enjoyable, but it didn't sound finished.

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Well, you get instant brownie points for remixing my favorite song from this game.

Unfortunately, you get three immediate red Xs for putting this song on MySpace. Bad choice of storage, there are many other sites out there that will not compress the heck out of the song.

I felt that the mix was overall a bit too mellow. It has some interesting sounds, but it seems like the entire mix is building to something that it never quite makes it to. I definitely want to hear a different flute for the main melody, it sounds... icky on that high note. Its a neat idea though, and I definitely think with a bit more polish, it has a good chance, especially since I don't see a lot of rayman material that often.

I always remembered this piece as kind of a big band thing, so its definitely a fresh take on it. ^_^


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