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EarthBound & Mother 'Pollyanna Orchestral'


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The actual melody doesn't vary much now because of the way I want to characterize the first half of the piece as a whole. The creativity in this part comes in the orchestration of it. And I do have parts that are, I think at least, divergent enough from the original just because they don't include the main melody at all.

The second half will be much more interpretive if I can pull it off properly.

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I agree on the source issue - too close, at least for the first part of it.

It sounds dry. Add reverb, tweak EQ to give it more warmth and wetness. Don't overdo it. Mixing isn't good either, sorry, you'll need to balance stuff out so the interesting parts are foreground and the less interesting are bg. Consider using a multiband compressor on the master to raise some of your highs (not sure about the exact range, but I guess somewhere in the 1-8kHz range might work). The writing itself sometimes seem cluttered when there's two intricate things competing for my attention.

Some notes, like the low strings in the intro, drag behind. Move those back to compensate for the slow attack of the samples, or find yourself new samples. Also, you should use percussion as well, it kind'a loses its punctuation without it.

Overall, the additions you've made, from my memory of the source, make it seem like you'll be able to handle the creative aspect of making this track OCR material, but I'm not sure about your technical skills. I guess we'll see. Good luck with it.

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