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  1. This is awesome, I love epic music! Thanks for remixing Crash Bandicoot!
  2. This reminds me of The Lost Underworld song from EarthBound. Great stuff, I love mallets!
  3. 1. Ike 2. Marth 3. Professor Layton I like me some Fire Emblem! I wish Mother had gotten an entry though...
  4. Easily one of favorite remixes, and maybe even one of my top 10 favorite songs of all time. Whenever this song comes on shuffle, I just stop and soak it all in. I also love your other remix on the site, Revisiting the Ruins. I'd love to hear more from you!
  5. Sounds pretty cool, but I'd take out all the "rat-a-tat" sounds, they don't sound very clean.
  6. ^It's not that I hate vocals, it's much harder to do a good vocal song that everyone will like than a good instrumental, because IMO non-vocal music is more universal. No language barriers, less social difference, and the quality is much more controllable.
  7. Thank you, all the remixers for contributing to this project! It's something I've been looking forward to since I joined the site years ago. It was pretty amazing. Also, I'd like to especially say that Patrick Burns and OA are two of my favorite musicians ever! Your remixes are just awesome. I thought Rare Respite was beautiful. As for vocals, I prefer ones without them (A New Place was fine though), but I think maybe if instrumentals are not possible/fitting, two different remixes of the same song could be allowed. I may be the only one, but I feel the rap and Japanese lyrics detract from the music.
  8. If it's torture, than why do I keep wanting to listen to it? I'm so excited that it's almost done!
  9. Whoa, djpretzel is done?!? It's as if I can feel the project materializing before my eyes. How long would you estimate until the project is posted?
  10. Sad to see that it isn't being released today, but I understand that there's a lot of work going into it. Could you at least give us another teaser or something today?
  11. I haven't been on since October so I'm just now seeing this, but oh wow, David Wise!!! I'm am really excited about this project and would love to see it released in December.
  12. Downloaded this song back when it was a WIP and listened to it many times. Glad to see it finally made the cut! Great remix!
  13. Yeah, I like the orchestral feel, so if you add bass (which I agree might improve it), I'd say make it timpani/tuba/cello rather than some techno beats. I do like what you've done with it so far; I've always wanted to remix this song.
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