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  1. I know already posted, but seriously this mix is awesome. Brings me back to mid-late 90s gaming.
  2. Thats really cool that you got Ronald Jenkees to collab on a track with you... just sayin.... jk foreals though man, good work. love the synth work.
  3. I love this mix, so peppy and amazing. Truly Brilliant. However, am I the only one that notices what sounds like feedback at 3:19? It totally doesn't sound like it belongs in the song, maybe i'm just missing the instrument? But it sounds very unpleasant. I'm surprised noone else has mentioned it.
  4. This may just be me but at the very beginning of the intro when the low piano starts coming in with the left it sounds kind of unnatural and just weird. Don't know how to describe it. Also, like right in the middle of the song it seems like you treat the bass line more like its being played by a bass drum and it gets kinda muddy. And just kinda sounds almost out of key and has a flat overall sound and just seems to drag really bad. The note changes too in the bass line at that point pretty much sound like its the exact same note but you were just bending the pitch to try to change notes. Basically, in the middle it when the high's kind of take a break it sounds like you try to have a kind of bass solo going on, but the bass there has less going on, sounds worse, and less variation going on than it does throughout the rest of the song.
  5. Wow, this is so much better than your previous version pre-HD failure.... Great track. I had a lot to say about the other one as far as things being forced but this fits in a lot better. Great job man. Good luck.
  6. I like this, but the bass is barely there enough to be noticeable. I'm not saying crank it up to where its a rap song, but right now its an afterthought that you really have to listen for, and i think if you brought it out more it'd add much more to the depth of the song.
  7. Not bad, i really really like this track. Though in my personal opinion near the end it gets cluttered and its like youre trying to do too much compared to the rest of the track. I think it'd be a lot better as a minimalist track. First half was much more strong. The stuff at like 1:12 the samples you use, i love those and they seem to fit a lot better with the track and it's ambience better than the heavier synth. You already have a heavy bass line carrying it so the lighter samples really do that much more in this situation and avoid cluttering the soundstage.
  8. The synths are ok for the most part but the wailing synths that aren't melody during the breaks are kinda questionable. Also had a hard time picking up some source material
  9. Not bad but way too close to the source material. Absolutely no variation whatsoever. I don't see how this is a remix at all other than just orchestral.
  10. The beat on the intro seems off. I get what youre trying to do but regardless of style it seems to be out of sync with the piano. The song desperately needs a bassline, thats why it feels empty as there's no lowend fill.
  11. When you start speeding up the tempo at the beginning I don't know why but it feels forced. Like rather than the song picking up momentum it feels like the high synths are pushing the rest of the song to speed up. I love the atomospheric ambience after the speed up but when you come back in with the main melody its kind of lacking. You build this great soundstage up and then you kinda go into that pause before the melody kicks back in. The pause is ok but your reintro with the melody feels like its coming in a tiny tiny tiny bit too soon and this is my biggest issue with that part. You build up the sound stage and pause and are like "ok you thought that last part was good. This part is gonna knock your socks off!!" But then when the main beat comes crashing through its too much brute force style and the soundstage created previously is completely gone. Love the part in the middle with the drums and the melody. Anyways it's getting dark and I need to go do some stuff outside before its too late so maybe i'll write more later. Hope my comments helped and good luck! EDIT: I was also thinking maybe when it does speed up perhaps its sped up too much. Just barely though. Also, the snare hits are kind of flat sounding at about a third of the way through.
  12. First off I wanna say that this track is just has loads of potential and is just well completely raw but thats great because there's so much to work with and polish up. Obviously the samples issue has already been addressed and I think once you get some better samples especially the trumpet ones it will sound a lot better. There are lots of things that could be addressed but honestly none of them really are worth messing with until you get some better samples so i'll stick to one of the things I noticed the most. Style. This song seems to jump between styles like a medley unfortunately because it is one song I don't feel like this fits. The beginning piano solo might be too dramatic and stylized for the beat that follows. Am I saying that you should completely drop the piano all together for the intro? No but the direction you take the piano solo in after :17 til 35 or so seconds is a bit too chordy and classical and dramatic for the stuff that follows to the point that you could really continue on with it and make it into its own standalone song. Really if you went into the bass after 17 seconds where the piano seems to finish it would flow much better. After this I like the way the bass line starts to pull you in but the trumpet starting at around 1:20 until the next piano section I don't know if I agree with the legato. Maybe it will sound better with better samples but the way it sounds now more seperation might sound better. Also it kind of gets repetitious until it ends at 1:37. Which, I wan't to say is kind of the part where the song gets confusing stylistically. All the way up to the point the song is kind of sucking you into this Jamiroquai like funk beat which started to make me happy in the pants and then the dramatic final fantasy piano comes back into the mix before its even finished starting and kinda confuses you. Which could honestly be blended in well but then the trumpet comes back in and doesn't really do much but try to add this orchestral element that doesn't really seem to fit with other elements as well as the part itself should. You build up complexity with the piano and then continue the build up with a trumpet that does nothing dynamically or melodically but attempt to regurgitate a simplified version of the previous buildup. Which i'm going to say regardless of sample quality i'm unsure if its the right instrument for that part. Piano is good but ultimately sometimes I think it gets confused as to it's role. You do a great job of incorporating it as the main melody and then also as background piano but the issue with that is I feel like it confuses the melody during other parts of the song. One piano solo would be fine but you have like 3 piano solos throughout the piece. One minute its funk then dramatic piano, then funk, then dramatic piano. Which is another thing i'd like to add. Stylistically you could honestly split those into two seperate songs and have them good but you really need to make more of a choice. And, the way the the bass kicks in at the beginning and then the piano jumps in with the supporting beat (which I think sounds awesome and is one of the coolest parts of the song) the song really feels like it should have a funk dance beat rather than any sort of dramatic Yasunori Mitsuda feel to it. Am I saying pull out all the frilly stuff, eh not so much like the triangle at 1:40 is cool but its a 4 minute song and then the piano solo comes in. I think thats the part you should focus on now. The first 2 minutes or so because you have 3 very distinct feels going on. Creating the feel of "oh thats right...bass line and dance theme...got distracted and forgot about it. Here it is again." at 2:44 followed by another "nope, just kidding, piano solo time again!!!". Though I will say I love the way the song feels from 3:27 and all. If you could carry that kind of energy throughout msot of the song that would help out a lot. I'm sorry if this was a redundant post. I realized I mentioned several things over and over again or seemed like I was being overly critical but like I said this piece is very raw and I see LOTS of potential. And once you decide on one set style and polish everything up including samples up I think its gonna be awesome. Good luck! EDIT: Also, at around 1:07 when the trumpet comes in it seems to kinda jump the gun and come into too soon almost.
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