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Tetris (GB) 'Medley'


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Well, guess this is my first post... I'm pretty new to the whole 'digital arranging' thing so if this sucks don't be too hard on me! ^^

So yeah, after rediscovering my old GB Tetris the other day I decided that Tetris' soundtrack is really depressing, despite having chord sequences that could potentially be nice! It's basically a medley of "Tetris B", the rocket-ending bit and a bit of "Tetris A". Just in case y'don't know them the originals are here:




I really don't have any good programs to edit this in so I really hope this has come out okay. Here it is, "Last Twenty Lines":


I'd love to hear what you think of it and how I could improve it.


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This is really good stuff. I liked it very much.

The chiptune part in 1:44 was EFFIN AWESOME!

However,. the samples you used seem not to work so cool with this one!

What programme are you using?

I'd advise you to get these plugins : East West Stormdrum (for the drums), Garritan Personal Orchestra (piano) and East West Quantum Leap Orchestra Gold (for the orchestra)

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Thanks very much. Urm, the programs I'm using... Sibelius to write the stuff out, a soundfont programme then some audio editing software to wrap it off. I know it's stupid, but I'm a lil' new at this and don't really know what programs to start off with...

( Oh and glad you liked the chiptune, I freakin' love NES Square n__n )

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Piano seems to be missing its high range. The mixing (how the tracks are mixed together) isn't good, they're all competing for attention aqnd cluttering up the sound. You need to work on separating them from each other, as well as choosing when and how well each track needs to be heard.

Using EQ (equalizer) to drop the high frequencies of instruments that need to be in the lower range (and the opposite for higher range instruments) is one way to give the other isntruments more room for their thing. If you need something to sound louder without making it physically louder, use a compressor, it'll cut louder stuff but leave softer stuff alone. Then there's panning, which you've used already. Finally, there's the simplest way, turning down their volume. It's not a cure-all for clutter, but it does serve its purpose. :)

Chip section is great. Transition to a much slower section works surprisingly well. I think you'll do just fine, despite being "pretty new to the whole 'digital arranging' thing". This isn't on OCR's level of production, but it's not far. As for the arrangement and creative choices you've made, I think it's in the green there. I'm not a judge, so I can't say for sure how far from the submission standards you are, but for a newb, this is great stuff.

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Holy cow, that's quite good. I enjoyed listening to that. I'm a big fan of the chiptune section as well, it seems to click well with the rest of the song, as well as bring the the whole nostalgia effect back into play.

Great work for someone new enough to this whole ReMixing lark, I'd love to see this (or any future version of this) getting approved by the Judging Panel.

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