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  1. I downloaded FF7 on my PS3 this morning (it's out in Europe now in case anyone hasn't noticed or heard yet) and transfered it onto PSP, it's about 1.3GB spanning all 3 discs. Schwaltzvald hit the nail on the head with the shoulder button mapping, and you just use the PS button to change the discs when the need arises.
  2. Price rules me out too. I kinda rue buying that second-hand PSP-2000 off one of the guys on here now. Pop quiz though: with all the talk of how big Gran Turismo will be for the new PSP, will it still be available on UMD? Or how big of a Memory Stick will I need for me to download it once it's out?
  3. @toadofsky: I'll asmit I was close to it too. I completely missed Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, but on the basis that everyone seems to like them, I reckon I'll be definitely trying this out in some shape or form, be it demo, rent or even just an impulse buy now at this point. It just looked astounding.
  4. I'll admit it was quite funny, he got the feeling of long loading times right down to a tee though, I laughed at that because I know how frustrating it is to get PSP-loading-lag on a next-gen game. Overall, a funny review of a game that I actually was sorta surprised that I liked.
  5. check the boss month thread for your new sig bro

  6. Arguably one of my funniest recent gaming moments was beating Mohole this morning in Bionic Commando: Spencer: "Whoa! Is that a long health bar or are you just happy to see me?" If there's ever been a game that's been good at tongue-in-cheek comedy moments, it's Bionic Commando.
  7. Got it, PSN - jaychendy I've only just got out of Fissure and I'm actually really enjoying it so far. I was worried when the reviews came in at being average to all-right but I'm having fun with it anyway, both offline and on. Kinda sucks though how the invite system's a bit bugged on Team Deathmatch. Like, if I wanted to invite someone, I could but there's no guarantee (s)he's gonna be on my team. A bit lame but it's a flaw I can overlook as I've always been an "every-man-for-himself" sorta player.
  8. I'm with -RK-, I really liked this. More of the same please. Great to hear some new BC love with the new game dropping next week and all.
  9. I really need to throw some money in the pot for this place. I've gotten so much music off thie place it's only right that I do. I'll see what I can afford at the end of the month, I've money yet to move around, and I missed a rent payment this month, but rest assures something IS coming from me, I'm just not sure how much and when you'll get it. But you will get something, you've got my word on it.
  10. Were these done before or after the whole I Can Haz Cheezburger thing took off? Or just a tribute to it portrayed in a different style or what? Garfield Minus Garfield though's just plain not funny.
  11. Because C.Viper (pronounced See Viper) was a Pokémon first? That's fool's logic. M. Bison and E. Honda just wouldn't be the same without their initials scrubbed off, think of the consequences
  12. Agreed. The way some of the graphics are stylised in the game (notably the focus attacks) the kinda artbrushy effect looks like it's been recycled from Okami. Nice touch if you ask me. But at least I'm glad they didn't go for pure realism. An a game like this you want it to look as fun as it is to play.
  13. If you missed it on the PS2 or the original XBox the first time round, pick up The Warriors. It doesn't matter if you never seen the movie before, but it's a great game with a decent amount to do in it without going completely overboard. Lumines is class but admittedly, I've only ever had it on my cellphone
  14. I just fell for that tactic on a network game. Which is a shame, because living in the back arse of nowhere means even with a network cable I still suffer from chronic lag unless I'm playing against another European.
  15. That'd be the Shishkebab Effect from Fallout 3 then. Still though, it'd be pretty neat if that were the case. Anyway, back onto cogwheel sword thing from FF13.
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