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Final Fantasy 2 'Overworld (Corrupted Bits Mix)'


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Hello all, I've been on these forums for years and just never have posted... so this is my official welcome post as well as my first possible song submission to OCR. :< I've spent the last 3 days vigorously working on this song, and in my opinion the only other thing I can do to make it 100% perfect is to do a little more with the drums 8-) I've also worked with Jewbei, he's shown me a lot that's made this song a much bigger thing then just some random loops :D

Ok, well here's the song and lemme know any feed back



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yea, I've been wanting to do this song for years, but I've lacked skill. I do admit its a bit on the repetitive side... But god, don't make me show you that horrible Mario mix I made! That was repetitive... lol. Anyways, I might do some more work and make an "extended version" that might be a little better. :D I'll keep ya'll up to date

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The first seconds are awesome. The atmosphere you created down there is great.

The idea you've used to guide your mix through is fantastic. But somehow I feel that this is not the good it could be: samples seem to have low quality, specially the piano and some of the synths. Plus, the synth which plays the main melody is extremely LOUD!. Work with that, and try playing a bitwith mastering too.

Also, try on some structure-ing. Add a whole new part in the middle, a variation-section.

Anyways, this is a good job, i like very much the intro and the outro... they were damn original!

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I think the drums are ok. Work on making the track more cohesive. There's also a number of instances where the notes are clashing, and I'm not talking the weird glitchy shifted melody.

The sound is okay, tho you might want to work on making the piano more ambient (in terms of sound, not volume).

No comment on source unless I get a link to it.

Guitar sounds a bit too midi. Use an amp sim. And check its notes, they're among the clashing ones.

Overall, really interesting, awesome digital weirdness, good mix... Might have a chance with the judges, tho I recommend polishing the writing more before considering submitting.

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