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OCR00988 - Chrono Trigger "The Incredible Singing Robot"


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I played Chrono Trigger for the first time last year, and Robo's theme is one of favorite parts of the soundtrack. This vocal remix does it great justice! It's very fun and catchy, and the beat makes you wanna dance. The singing on the verses reminds me a lot of Joy Electric :)

Incredible singing robot is incredible.

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I remember the first time I listened to this I thoroughly danced in my seat. That alone makes this a legacy mix for me. And it's no wonder...

Metal/tin-like percussion is punctuated by drawn-out cymbals/hi-hats - this fires up my imagination with lots of shiny, golden imagery (like Robo's figure :P). Fluffy air drums, rubbery punctuators, and 8-bit crunchiness only add to the contagious flood of energy. Best of all, that swishy/watery modulated voice is clear and expressive throughout.

Lyrics are a treat. Robo's vulnerability and uncertainty are expressed via "Please don't reprogram me / My memories and thoughts are all I have left; am I malfunctioning?" Love the hilarious "take that" with "Won't you pick me instead of that (F)rog?" And I can FEEL his selflessness and extent of accomplishments with "just look and see this forest I made for you" - I picture him spreading his robotic arms in a visual encompassment, in turn making me awestruck with his 400-year-long dedication. Whew.

The eponymous singing robot says his kind can be "for evil or good" - I say they're best at getting one's groove on. Rock on, R-66Y. Rock on.

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