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OCR00998 - *YES* Chrono Trigger 'Time Management' *FT*

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seems E-Bison contacted Beatdrop about this mix a while back, and the link didnt work. E-Bison gave me this new link, and it works for me. it seems to be a pretty good mix, and now that the board is cleared, i figured i'd put it up.


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I'm kinda borderline on this one. It has lots of nice sounding synths, and lots of filling sample sound effects, but its sequencing is rather mediocre. The whole feel is like a half hearted attempt at a mix. I realize that this was indeed the goal of the mix. It accomplished that rather well.

What I dont like is how the song strayed from the original chord progression so much.

Its rather sloppy. I'll give it another listen later.

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i like the feel of this mix from the beginning.

i think the intro thru 1:20 is terrific. all the synths are good, and they sound distinct from one another.

melody comes in...i think there are some questionable notes, and some uneccessary notes. like at 1:29. why is that there!? it bothers the hell out of me!

good escalation. i like the voiceovers.

again at 2:34, why is that note in the mix!? sometimes less is more. you dont need to fill up every break in the melody.

i like the intro/interlude.

good escalation. again.

this is a very solid mix. although those superfluous notes drive me crazy, i'm going to give this a


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mm.. good sounds, was this done in reason? sounds like subtractor to me.

decent amount of variation on the original, this is put together well. the layers of effects have been applied in an effective manner, not too much or too little.

4:00ish sounds pretty thin, a more sudden break would've worked better i think, but it picks up well enough. gets a little uninteresting towards the end, nothing really different comes up. ends how it begins, yeah that works alright.

good enough in my book.


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I think those extra notes are there because the core of this track is

a lead, a bass, and some drums. without those extra notes suddenly

there is a rather large hole. Sure, there are some neat sounds and effects

and what not, and the cheezycliche oldmovie sample is kinda cute, but

overall does this really do anything specifically new with the theme?

We've heard this done a dozen other times before by other people.

Yes, there are parts of this mix that just sound fantastic, and there are

others that just don't even seem like they should be part of this track.

Sure, parts of it are well done, but without any substantial development,

and a slightly questionable take on the melody, I'm hearing a lot of

really cool patches being used in a mix that we've heard done so many

other times that without a substantial 'hook', it gets lost in the whitewash

of whats been done before.

Nice quality synths, but past that it doesn't do anything for me.


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Nice feel.

Ok, so I'm listening to this thing and thinking "oh this must be some theme I haven't heard from the game." O BUT WAIT DISOCDAN!!!1 U RMIXD THIS SAM SONG!!!!1

So I did.... I just didn't recognize it under all the um... "poetic license." I actually like the Mr. Bungle-esque vocal sample at the end. But the thing is, not only did the chord progression get kind of ... skewered in the beginning of the theme, but the ...

Well, hmm

Now I'm kind of torn. The extra notes are definitely artistic, not unintentional. In theory we'd call those "neighbor tones" but ...

Nah, this is quite catchy after a point. I'm gonna say yes to this one. It's got enough good going for it to outweigh the lack of chordal structure in the beginning. I'd listen to it a second time, so



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Really fantastic work in my opinion. It manages to stay interesting, add original ideas and pull off these ideas in a convincing way- all the things a good mix should do. This is one of the very few times I can actually say I *enjoyed* a 4-on-the-floor type dance track, and as such, gotta go with a:


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