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  1. hi shaggy. I was putting together a Doepfer DIY synth: In the video I'm using an Arduino Due to create control voltages from a keybed I removed from a broken oxygen8. I'm trying to create a panel/enclosure for it using laser-cut acryllic but I haven't had time to work on it. Also I have the Ray Wilson book you mentioned, I put together some of the simpler circuits e.g. the pulse-wave oscillator made from a Schmitt trigger. Again, when I have more time I'll try some of the more interesting circuits. Not analogue, but currently awaiting delivery of an FPGA starter board for me to play with. I was thinking of designing an 8-bit style sound chip for it and well, writing some chiptunes for it? We'll see. cheers.
  2. Vocal hate? A victim is me! Kidding of course, I don't mind in the slightest. In fact I would be happy to provide you guys with an instrumental mix of this, however after 10 years, and I can hardly believe it's been that long, the project files have no doubt collected a prohibitive amount of cobweb; I wouldn't have the hours necessary to sort it out and bounce anything. Thanks for the kind words, though. cheers.
  3. I fully support this initiative. edit: hey first post in 6+ months, yeaaa
  4. Mind your temper, Paralax. Don't get yourself exiled from this community too. tschüß.
  5. Older Xing-based mp3 encoders (e.g. blade) produced a compromised high-end which was distinguishably annoying. Perhaps your older mp3s were from one of these encoders. Or maybe they just have very low bit-rate and you're hearing ordinary artifacts. Unfortunately either situation it can't be helped.
  6. I'm going to try but I can't even think about what to do until August. So it will likely be a last-minute deal. cheers.
  7. To each his reach and if I don't cop it ain't mine to have. But I'll be reachin' for you, MVC cheers.
  8. Don't forget there's a smashing music video for this remix made by JH Sounds: cheers.
  9. Alright Mr. Pleonastically Prodigious Circles, I think your intentions are good and feel you are sincere. I respect that. Even if we don't agree, I enjoy your conversation. Thank you for your input.

  10. Yes, I thought I made it clear I was referring to the ordering. I see the updated album art, all is well now.
  11. No one said it was terrible. No one made a big deal about it. I wish you better literacy in the future.
  12. Either the album art or the filenames are wrong -- because they don't match.
  13. Hmm, the filenames are wrong in the one I downloaded (AAC version). Track #5 for me is 'Heat Death' which you also like so no consolation there, but worth mentioning. cheers.
  14. The japanophile album artwork makes me want to vomit but the music is quite enjoyable with the exception of "Heat Death" which is tedious. I don't check out much of the original music on OCR but I'm glad I gave this a try. cheers.
  15. They need not my permission nor my approval to proceed; I'm not impeding anyone from doing their "thing". The philosophical regress of "necessity" is without objectivity, so we disagree there. I decline your invitation to be supportive of promotional remix competitions for for-profit amateur video games. cheers.
  16. Just to reiterate what's already been said: Nice work everyone, especially diotrans & crew on the excellent videos. Wish I could have contributed, maybe next time though! cheers.
  17. Yup. It's obvious that you weren't thinking, but that does not mean you were being sarcastic or unserious. That's not what sarcasm is. I wish you better literacy in the future as well.
  18. You did not say that. Do you want me to post your message?
  19. You are lost. Neblix informed me he wasn't really being sarcastic. As much of an ass you've made out of yourself, I am prepared to accept an apology. Either way, I'm wishing you better literacy in the future.
  20. If you knew that to be true, why didn't you mention it in your previous post? Sorry, I think you are still lost, or backpedalling. No evidence to believe otherwise at this point.
  21. No, that is the opposite of their point. It is me whom you agree with. Shall I explain? Kidd Cabbage's premise: - I never use presets. All my synth sounds come from an Init patch. Kidd Cabbage's conclusion: - I'm superior when it comes to synth design. Neblix's conclusion: - [Kidd Cabbage] is "superior" because he knows how to do things from the ground up I've argued that those conclusions do not follow the premise. Your guitar example is logically conterminous with my argument. cheers.
  22. That conclusion does not follow either. Anyone can start from an init patch and arbitrarily tweak knobs without knowledge or understanding of synthesis. Not superior.
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