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OCR02044 - *YES* Final Fantasy 10 'That's Besaid the Point'

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REMIXER NAME: Anticitizen

E-MAIL ADDRESS: kliedel@verizon.net

USER ID: 23671




This is my first remix, so I decided to tackle a tune that, in my opinion, shines with subtlety. The simple, carefree “Besaid” invited me in to the world of Spira and never let go, beating through my head for the rest of the game. Because of that musical addiction, I left the main melody intact and decided to add flourishes around it – mainly in some friendly guitar and pulsing synths. The tune bobs happily along until the midpoint, whereby it breaks down into a kind of stutter that (IMO) fits it well. Take a listen and let me know what you think.


http://www.tzone.org/~llin/psf/packs2/FFX_psf2.rar - 118 "Besaid Island"

The structure here is somewhat of an acquired taste, but once you see how it's laid out, the arrangement is pretty cool. Cool base with some interesting sound choices.

The overall levels were too low, IMO, and the source tune tended to get downplayed too much because it was mixed so low (e.g. the melody at 1:04). The guitar distortion in the back at 1:40 didn't sound good at all. Good stuff with the glitchyness at 2:16 and the strings at 2:24 though.

The subtle morphing and evolving of the track was clicking, IMO. I'd need to see this rebalanced to get this sounding its best, but, otherwise, I'm a believer.

YES (conditional)

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You tackled one of my favorite sources ever, and damn you tackled it well! Anticitizen eh? Good man, good man.

So first off, the lush synths you've used works really well with the source. Although they are a bit similar to the source's timbre I think that's a good thing. I was a bit dissapointed when the melody entered because of the root chord being the same and the melody lost some of it's melodic appeal. As soon as the additional percussion and guitar kicked in it was all good though. The subtle arrangement of the source melody and other elements really clicked with me.

Took a turn at about 2:08 like you said. Interesting processing but the off-key stuttering kinda put me off. Reeks of Live beat repeat-preset :D But it kinda grows on you, I'll admit that. Clever progression in the piece though. 3:12 was terrific, the very saturated bass/guitar in the left ear worked well as a change from the otherwise lush soundscape. In other words, I don't agree with Larry regarding that one ;)

The production is quite good. The only thing I feel I can complain about is that, like Larry said, the source-tune sometimes get losts in the mud so to speak. Try to bring it a bit more to the front while making the whole track a tiny, oh so tiny bit louder. The ending cuts off with a click, fix it with a fade-out.

Fantastic little piece this one. Morphing, bubbling and slowly moving forwards without ever getting boring. I say fix the volume, ending and minor balance issues and this will be even more epic. Way to make a first impression :3

YES(conditional on production touch-up)

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Awful, awful title, dude. Sorry, it just had to besaid. *rimshot*

Wonderful sound here, very blissful. I think a good chunk of this is conservative - pretty much everything you hear in the first 1:20 is from the original, just on different instruments with some subtle FX - but the rest of the song added more. It opens up at 1:20 and onward, with new guitar and synth melodies. Good structural changes. Glitch section was a very good addition for modifying the staccato riff from the original, I think that's what put this over the interpretation bar for me.

Honestly, I thought the mixing was fine. Fix that click at the end and this is good to go. Great first mix!


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