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OCR01846 - *YES* Phoenix Wright: AA 'Cross-Examination (Sudden Interjection)' *RESUB*

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Original Decision:

Hey judges, PrototypeRaptor aka Jonathan Paulsen here again....

so which one of you ordered the scrubbed up mix again? ...oh, right, all of you...(*backhanded*)

I'll admit it, it was a pain to clean. BUT PAIN IS JUST WEAKNESS LEAVING THE BODY, and now I have a shiny new mix of phoenix wright that I hope does the source justice (haha).

List o' changes:

-Piano changed to a rhodes and humanized

-Vinyl effect added to spots

-mixing in general made less bass heavy

-drum loops changed, more driving in verses

-the awful string attacks are fixed and actually go in tempo with the music


game: Phoenix Wright (original)

source: Objection 2000! link:

This is downtempo Trip Hop ala Massive Attack.

It's dirty. It's low fi. It has a harpsichord AND a rhodes...and string stabs.

The drums don't even try to be real. In fact, they mean not to.

Did I mention the fuzz and noise? It's ridiculous. Unbearable.

...and I love it. :)

thanks for listening,

Jonathan Paulsen (PrototypeRaptor)


Ha, the tone of the very first note in the intro instantly reminded me of The_Orders' "Jillian Goldin REMIX", so you ended up making me listen to that a few times instead of judging. :nicework:

Gyakuten Saiban Yomigaeru Gyakuten Original Soundtrack - (06) "Ryuichi Naruhodo ~ Objection! 2001"

Definitely some substantial improvements. 1:31-2:14 was on the beefy side, and could be called cluttered, but I thought the separation of the parts was OK. 3:18-4:02 was cluttered as well, IMO. Wouldn't mind hearing better separation of those areas if it was something you'd be willing to revisit.

The way the source theme was handed, it would play the first half of the verse, then do the second half in an ultra liberal way upfront. The harpsichord still played the straightforward melody in the back to keep things grounded, though it was fairly marginalized to me. Not a huge deal.

Solid work, Jon. You've definitely made me flip, so nice work. You really addressed the issues here, and the arrangement was that much stronger as a result.


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I knew you would come through, dude. This is excellent. Mixing is much improved and the new changes you added improved the song. I LOVE the background strings that come in at 1:31. Like last time, the arrangement is liberal but well-connected with the nine-note riff, which goes through a couple neat modifications to match the chord. Great work!


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Big fan of Ace Attorney here, let's see if you can bring it to the table.

Great groove, great sound, but I'm really not sure about that flute as the lead. Its airiness is contributing to the hiss you've got with the swirly pad that's pervading the track so there's some white-noisiness to this. Not a bad thing, just interesting to note.

Certainly an interesting take on the source material. Great interpretation. I like it. YES

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Never heard this one before :o

Certainly a fresh take on the source. You handled the source pretty well here, it's down and dirty groovy. The source is quite minimal but you've added your own touch both in terms of style and interpretation. A bit liberal but not too much since the original note pattern is there most of the time. The rhodes-solo wasn't stellar but I enjoyed it still!

I think the soundscape is quite clutterd here. The beefy drums are a bit overpowering and drowns out the rest of the instruments. A bit too much reverbs at times imo which made sounds less separated than they could've been. Otherwise the production is quite solid here.

Overall I think this is a hard call. The production is holding it back imo but the arrangement has gone to places no man's gone before.. When it's all said and done I think the arrangement and mostly good production is enough to pass this. Good work but keep improving your production skills!


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