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Front Mission: Canyon Crow Remix via Gigi+Jarre... ???


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Hey Folks :D


SOURCE TUNE HERE: http://www.snesmusic.org/spcsets/fm.rsn

ALTERNATE SOURCE LINK: Click here to listen!

This a remix idea for the track Canyon Crow from Front Mission!

Just got this on the DS and it's brilliant. This track hit me straight away.

Anyhoo, this WIP here starts off with a slow build up, which eventually leads into the main melody of the source... and a reprise with a bit more energy. And that's about it. This is very early, and I've only toyed with the source tune so far... needless to say I will be elaborating on this greatly.

The source tune is pretty minimalist... a feeling I want to convery in parts of the WIP. However I want to really shoot this one through the clouds... I'm aiming for a similar sound to my favorite Jean Michel Jarre track, 'Chronologie 4'. It has a strong sense of melody and is awesome... I recommend grabbing that track asap. I also listen to a fair amount of Gigi, D'Agostino, so you should be able to hear him coming through in parts too.

So yeah, this is only in the concept stages at the moment, but lemme know what you think! Any and all feedback is, as always, greatly appreciated!

Thanks, and enjoy :D

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Sounds pretty good, I like the track - can't check out the source but sounds like it's pretty nice.

Arrangement is a bit 'boxy', it changes every four bars exactly - well not exactly, but what I mean is it seems like it's made out of four bar boxes. It could use some more sort of "lead-ins" to introduce instruments. This is apparent in the beginning, later on you have some nice fills which are much like what I mean. So I guess you're going to work on those anyway. Some "boxyness" can of course be a good thing and make an effective arrangement. Just reporting my observation. :P

Another thing I noticed the synth that comes in at 00:47 doesn't sound so good when the lowest note is played, it sounds like the low pass filter is a bit too tight or that specific note is suddenly lofi-ed.

Looking forward to updates, I like this!


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.rsn file... Great. Doesn't work in Audio Overload.

The little tick around the kick is a bit annoying before the hihats come in. 1:04 until something actually happens. Heh, the first notes sound very secret of mana-ish. Anyway, you might want to cut some repetition. Eino's right about the boxy nature of it, too, so you need to deal with that as well.

But it's early. I'll probably have more to say about next update. Good luck with it, man.

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