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Problem with Sonic & Knuckles 'Lava Reef Zone (Las Trompetas Maravillosas Mix)' page


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This feels silly for a first post (hope I got the right forum), but years of using Wikipedia made looking the other way impossible.

Anyway, it appears that the Sonic & Knuckles 'Lava Reef Zone (Las Trompetas Maravillosas Mix)' is categorized under Sonic 3D Blast, as a remix of Rusty Ruin Zone. There's a pretty little Sonic and Knuckles gif on the page, but it doesn't appear when I do a search for Lava Reef remixes.

Just thought I'd let the powers that be know about it. I declare myself absolved of civic responsibility.

P.S. Now for some first-post gushing - I love this site. The amount of work and creativity that goes into these ReMixes is awe-inspiring. I started by downloading the first 1000 several months ago - I'll be ready for the next batch soon, I think.

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