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Pop / VGM Crossovers


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I just noticed recently, that Guile Stage music from Street Fighter 2 is severely ripped off from this cheesy song called 'Mighty Wings' from the Top Gun sound track.

On the other side of things, sometimes when I'm listening to stuff it feels like VG music is very much in the subconscious minds of a lot of people who write music today.

Like there's this song by The Stills called Snow In California where the post-chorus has an arpeggio from Chrono Trigger.

Or this Swedish group I'm listening to called Dungen have some bass from the NES version of Double Dragon 2 in their song "Mina damer och fasaner"

Ok that might not mean much to a lot of people, but throw the thread open a bit, what sort of crossovers have you guys heard? Parts of songs you swore you heard in some VG music or vice versa.

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Dead youtube video

This better not be that damn Sonic-Micheal Jackson thing again. I thought someone from the original production team put the final nail in that coffin.


I think that's somewhere in my basement right now. My dad had some weird records back when I was a kid, and that might be one of the ones I got when he died.

I think I used it on the turn table to drive my Hot Wheels cars on. I recall it being scratched to hell.

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