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  1. Benno de Goeij disagrees. Take your MJ shit elsewhere
  2. Yeah, let me know too if you want Trance music, can point you to hundreds of classic and contemporary sets
  3. Eh, when a gamer plays with a used copy, the original owner doesn't play it online anymore, so there's just as much online resources being used as before.
  4. Haven't listened to all 3 yet, but judging from the track lists part 3 will be my favorite Oh, and +1 for Heatbeat - Paradise Garage.. I love that track and all its remixes!
  5. Ocarina of Time, Starcraft, Tetris
  6. Hardcore music, anyone?
  7. I guess I'll never know what you're talking about
  8. I remember zircon mispronouncing the remixer's name in a VGDJ episode (think it was number 49) but alas, I don't have the mix.
  9. I'm very annoyed by some people calling others 'stupid' for listening to whatever is popular, and that this would mean that they can't form their own opinion. You know, listening to something because it's popular IS the consequence of someone's opinion. You might not like it because it isn't your opinion, but it IS still their own choice. I seriously hate people who dislike popular music just because it's popular, or who dismiss popular because 'lol everyone listens to it because they want to fit in'. You might not realize it, but there are SO many people who 'want to be different', that they aren't different at all. /rant I'd say I'm gonna regret clicking the submit button, but then people will whine about why I chose to click it anyway.
  10. Any democracy that blindly follows the most popular opinion is a dumb democracy And while you're most probably 100% correct on the ABX test statement, you should keep in mind that, when we download the OST, we will know the quality, and observer bias will be present.
  11. @Anyone who doesn't understand the desire of some people to have a FLAC version: don't forget there's also a psychological effect. Seriously. I enjoy my music more when I know I'm listening to the best quality I can get.
  12. Donate money to Beatdrop. His albums are free but still...
  13. BK was the first game to come to my mind as well.
  14. A Sennheiser HD-595, and for my Zen I use Creative EP-635 earbuds.
  15. Minesweeper on easy in less than one second
  16. www.tweakers.net but I doubt you'll understand that
  17. You win this thread. If you haven't experienced a huge rave you're not in the position to dismiss Trance as a boring/uninspired genre.
  18. Well they had your permission and they credited you so there's not a lot you can do. Plus, Newgrounds is awesome so be proud
  19. Trance is the godliest genre on this earth, why would people dislike it O.o
  20. That is highly doubtful. My prediction: if such a thing happens we'll get flooded by even more shovelware than now.
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