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Interpreting game soundtracks...

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Is there a better program to use other than KB or whatever have you to learn by ear with? I mean for the ORIGINAL (8bit, 16bit, etc.) soundtracks to games? I have hard time hearing certain tracks sometimes and it takes a lot of time for me to get it right. Not that I mind that it takes the time, but is there a better way to hear all the instruments to get it more accurately?

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KB? You mean KBmedia player? I can't remember if that one allows you to toggle channels or not. Chipamp works pretty well - http://www.chipamp.org/. It's got quite a few plug-ins that allow you to toggle channels. The NSF, VGM, and SPC ones do at least. I'm not sure about HES files - haven't tried it with them.

There's another program you can use - but I forget the name of it. Will get back to you if I can remember it.

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