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  1. I finished an arrangement of the Motavia theme from Phantasy Star. It has a bit of an 80s feel to it.
  2. I finished a cover of Requiem from Alundra. It goes through 2 passes and the first pass is really close to the original.
  3. I've released two tracks recently and I thought I'd share them. This one is sort of a "what if" as in what if Legacy of the Wizard was released on the Turbografx CD. It has a few Ryo Yonemitsu sounding elements. This is a really old WIP mix from 2010 that I recently revisited and gave a new synth coat. It's a bit more synth-ambient than what I usually do.
  4. I have changed my reverb techniques a bit, which I believe helps. I guess I'll go ahead and submit it. It's been a LONG time since I submitted anything.
  5. Thanks Gario. I suppose I could have toned down the guitar a bit, particularly when the leads are playing.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I ended up making some tweaks to it anyway and uploaded it to youtube.
  7. GAME: Goonies (NES/FC) TRACK: Alternate Level Theme Well, I'm back after another long slumber. It's been a while since I've created any music, so I thought I'd post this Goonies arrangement here before I make a video for it to post on my youtube channel. I made this in two days which is unusually fast for me. I am wondering if I should trust my ears or not. I originally used the flute VST that I have used in past mixes, however, it wasn't sitting well in the mix so I swapped it out for a couple of synth flutes. Some people may not like it, but I think it gives it more of an 80s feel which I like. Let me know if you think I bass and drums are at a good level or not. The concern is that I have a new setup now with different speakers and I'm not used how things sound on them. The original track. Arrangement
  8. As I've been getting older, I've noticed my ears aren't as sharp as they once were. Sudden loud noises here and there are adding up, plus a ridiculously loud concert from 7 years ago. I need to assess how much my mixing may have suffered from it. Here's an arrangement I did last year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBfbeJbwdug&t=9s and here's another track I'm finishing up: http://www.vurez.com/mm/Marble30.mp3 How do they sound? I kinda feel like I might have boosted the mids too much in the Gyro Flight mix. The Marble Madness mix was roughly the same though I made some cuts in the 1 to 2 KHz range and it sounds better to me. I'm curious how the levels sound to others.
  9. I was originally planning on releasing a demo at the end of this month, however I've decided I want to add/change a couple of things first. I'm shooting for late September now. Will post an update when it's available.
  10. Unfortunately, the development software I'm using doesn't support Linux. Only PC, Mac, iOs, and Android :/
  11. Hey guys. It's been a long time! I haven't submitted new remixes here in what feels like ages, however I've still been working on things. One of which I'd like to announce here. I've been developing a retro arcade game called Hive Bomber. It's a one-man project so it involved a lot more than music writing from me. It will be my 2nd released game (whether it makes it through Steam Greenlight or not) and I'm hoping it will appeal to the people who fondly remember the early 80s arcade games as I do. A brief description: The gameplay is simple. You control the Hive Bomber and assault enemy bee hives. Each hive has 4 randomly placed honey "cores". If you get all four, the hive self destructs. However, even numbered hives contain a randomly hidden queen which must be destroyed as well. Queens possess an impervious energy shield which is powered by the honey cores, so optimal gameplay will involve getting the honey before releasing the queen. Other bees work together to defend the hive from it's attacker. Workers repair the damaged hex cells. Defenders protect the hive and allies with their rechargeable bubble shield. Others fend off the Hive Bomber utilizing various attack behaviors. The Hive Bomber has a rainbow of forms it can take, each one represented as a powerup. You can have up to 2 forms that you can switch from at any one time. Each one has it's own weapon attributes and unique special ability. All forms can teleport to the opposite side of the hive if they have at least 1 teleport energy unit. The Steam Greenlight link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=742007760 Checkout the trailer and screen shots, and if it looks like something you'd like to play, be sure to vote. The game's not 100% complete yet so any feedback/suggestions would be appreciated.
  12. I finished a Mega Man 5 - Gyro Man arrangement over the weekend.
  13. Yeah, the character animations and the motion graphics were all made from scratch. I based the drawings off how the characters looked on the original T&C Surf Designs 80s t-shirts. I think I could have done a better job with them, but I really wanted to get the video finished and out of the way.
  14. Anyone interested in a new T&C Surf Designs remix? I made a music video for it as well.
  15. Just checking in and letting people know I'm still around. It's been a long time. I haven't posted on ocremix in years. If anyone's interested, I recently finished 2 arrangements: a Lemmings 2 medieval track that I started years ago, and a short mix of the password theme from Golvellius. Lemmings 2 Golvellius I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things and arrange more tracks soon.
  16. Very nice to hear. Thanks danileigh!

  17. Well it looks like this thread isn't too popular here. I kinda feel bad about bumping it again. Nevertheless, I must announce that Vubu is now available on the App Store. http://itunes.com/app/Vubu I'll throw out a few free promo codes. HNMXMRJJNH9Y T93RPNXJ6HXX 9HWRLMMMMKKK NHNNJHRM4J7K L94APJ37R6FN Enjoy!
  18. The trailer! This should help give a better idea of how the game works. It also features one of the music tracks I wrote for it.
  19. Cool, I'll make sure I check it out. Looks very nice!
  20. I'll make sure I check out Crabs and Penguins when I get a chance It looks like there's been a lot of mobile game posts here lately! I should also mention the Vubu facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/VubuGame
  21. EDIT: Vubu is now available on the App Store! Hello everyone! Most of you probably don't know this but for the past year, I've been developing a puzzle game for iOS devices. It's been a long solo project and it's actually based on a game I started working on way back in 1999. Two days ago, I finished it and submitted it to the AppStore. Once it's released it's going to have a tough fight to get noticed in the ocean of apps. I knew the odds weren't good, but this is something I've wanted to do for years. Vubu: Ancients of the Sky Vubu could be described as a type of sliding puzzle game. The goal is to guide the Vubu to the exit portals of each level. They move in unison, so if you swipe up, all of them will move up. It can get tricky on levels with a lot of death tiles and ledges. There are also five types of Vubu: The Nomad, The Wise Man, The Blind Man, The Stone Man, and The Dragon. Each one has a unique trait that will affect how the level can be solved. The game has 110 levels and most of them can be solved multiple ways. They are broken down into 3 game modes - Standard (50), Advanced (50), and Numeric (10). So yeah, the game is a fairly simple concept, but it's actually quite addicting for an "at your own pace" methodical puzzle game. I don't know the exact day I'll release it, but I'm shooting for the end of next week.
  22. I did some music work for a little iPad game called "Reddy Hunter". The soundtrack was intended to have a simple synthy old school feel (requested by the developer) and is a departure of my usual style. I'll probably do a remix or two of these down the road. Let me know if there's a particular track you think I should cover.
  23. I have something that is in the works that will be released soon, though I'm not sure if it is considered "hardcore". It is difficult though.
  24. Actually, I have a few remixes with vocals. I generally don't use them heavily though. Silver Setting Sun, the Blood on the Asphalt version of New Mexican Thunderbird, and Subterranean Revenant all have vocals (two of which even include my voice). Sounds like you need to check out my website (or my youtube channel) for my non-ocr remixes
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