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OCR01847 - *YES* Final Fantasy 7 'The Shinra Shuffle'


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Given to the panel so that you n00bs can bear witness to these guys - LT

Contact Information:

ReMixer name (band name): The Runaway Five

Real Name (band members): Brendan McElroy, Brendan Swanson, Alex Goodman, Matt MacLean, Spencer Cheyne

Email Address: brendanmcelroy@therunawayfive.com

Website: www.therunawayfive.com

Userid: 25789

Submission Information:

Game: Final Fantasy VII

Song: Still More Fighting

Remix Title: The Shinra Shuffle

Additional comments: Arranged by: Brendan Swanson (August 2008). Performed by: The Runaway Five: Brendan McElroy (Bass), Brendan Swanson (Piano), Spencer Cheyne (Drums) (excluding The Runaway Five members; Alex Goodman (Guitar), Matt Maclean (Trumpet). Also featuring special guests: Andre Wickenheiser (Trumpet), Brent Mah (Alto Sax), John Sweenie (Tenor Sax), Sarah Matheson (Baritone Sax), and Colin Story (Guitar). Mixed and recorded live at The Beat Niq Jazz and Social Club (August 20th, 2008) by Spencer Cheyne at Crossover studios. Produced by Brendan McElroy.

This is the second time I tried to send this. I didn't recieve an auto-confirmation email and I couldn't get a response from any of the judges stating the reason why. I assume that it didn't make it to you guys. My appologies if you did already recieved this submission and I just didn't get a confirmation.

Brendan McElroy

The Runaway Five



http://tzone.org/~llin/psf/packs2/FF7_psf.rar - 120 "Still More Fighting" & 111 "Fanfare"

The mixing could be a little better, as I thought the lead didn't stand out enough when everything else was in play, and the piece was pretty quiet as a whole.

Nonetheless, excellent energy and a wonderfully creative (and otherwise impeccable) arrangement. Not much else to say other than "swingin'"! That, and Canadian bacon is delicious. DELICIOUS!


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This is definitely really quiet... not sure why no one mentioned that, but I'd like to see it more compressed/limited by at least a few decibels before we post. I have to turn up my volume by about 6db to get a really full picture of the sound.

Low volume aside, his is amazing! Absolutely GREAT arrangement, probably the most creative I've heard of this theme, plus excellent performances. For a one-shot live take this is really, really good even on the mixing end. Killer job guys!!

YES (COND - compress a bit)

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