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WCT - [COMPETITION OVERHAUL - NEED IDEAS] The Writing Competition Thread


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Well, I've been busy for the past 12 hours, so I decided to just wait and see whether we would be getting more than just votes from participants and myself. Alas, this was not the case. In any event...


1st Place: Media by M W

Runner-Up: Soon by SoulinEther

Here's the vote spread:

Media by M W: 8

Soon by SoulinEther: 7

The Name by Random Hajile: 6

Electronic Transaction by TheHands: 6

Congratulations to everyone, and especially to M W and SoulinEther! There weren't very many entries for this round, but I think the quality was just as good as ever.

Incidentally, if there is anyone else who wants to chime in about my proposed changes to the rules, now would be the time. I want to have an answer concerning it before the next competition starts.

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  • 2 weeks later...
You can have the idea now. You can develop the idea now. Develop the idea all you want right now! You can write down ideas and such, and you can keep thinking about it all you want; the rules don't govern those. What you can't do is start to actually write the piece until the competition starts.

Alright. Excellent. Now... to write down the idea without writing it actually down? There's my challenge lol.

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That's... sorta disturbing...

I like it! But did you need to use the font that you did? Was that intentional? It might just be me, but the larger the type gets, the harder it is for me to read it.

In other news, I was actually contemplating putting together some sigs for the competition, so this is a good start.

Yeah, I used it intentionally so there would only be black and white, which keeps the file size low (~8KB lol) Plus... I don't know, it just ... meh. Strikes me as somewhat vintage.

It can be changed, of course.

And I have started on my submission for this round. It will be another poem, except it'll have multiple parts... sorta.

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The Solo

Cold steel. Thats what got Murphy, in the end. Multiple stab wounds to the face, ribs, stomach, brought about in a cold desert in cold blood by a bunch of disillusioned little men. It could have been a bullet that took him out...but he was just too damn good of a man to die a humane death.

Cold steel... is what I now hold at my lips. A circular, metal mouthpiece, designed to channel vibrations...

...vibrations were how it started. I wish I could blame them instead of myself. Myself... god, if I had posessed the slightest bit of foresight, this would never have happened. The tanks at the fore of the convoy would never have been bombed, later to be beset upon by the enemy...

I breathe...

...I don't deserve it. Murphy, now theres a man who deserves it. Murphy didn't hesitate when thos damned rpg's came tearing after us. Murphy didn't play dead when every last of his comrades were ripped apart by the onslaught of lead that followed. He fought til his gun clicked dry then fought some more, till the AK swung like a baseball bat caught him in the jaw, while I watched through half closed eyes, waiting for my chance to scramble like a dirty peice of shit to the nearest vehicle...

My throat is on fire. How can they expect me to do this? How can those fuckers expect me to play taps at the funeral that should have been my own?!? I was the ranking officer, his life was my responsibility, and I was a coward!!!

The time comes for me to play, the torrent of tears running down my face driving on unchecked, and I know that I cannot produce even a single tone. No matter, because the brass instrument is already flying past the flagpole, my breath being used instead to scream louder than I had ever before...

The time comes for me to play, the torrent of tears running down my face driving on unchecked, and I know just how to apologise to Murphy, as he had apologised to me and our team on the video sent to CNN.

I play, and the tone pierces even my own heart. An eternity and a half later, I finish.

Murphy...I'm sorry.

So I saw a link to this in someones sig and decided to give it a try... hopefully more people will enter?
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Well, I'm working on a sequel to a previous entry I submitted. It should still work as a standalone piece, though.

Halcyon, you took a class taught by Nikki Giovanni? Nice!

Hm, a sequel. I haven't been around here all that long, but is that a first? Sounds exciting still.

And my poem hasn't come along much beyond my mind and what's on my blackberry lol.

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