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WCT - [COMPETITION OVERHAUL - NEED IDEAS] The Writing Competition Thread


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Hi! After a long hiatus from this site, I think I've found a place to submit some of my own works of poetry/spoken word which I've been using in my own music lately. Here's one for submission for this round:

Twenty-eight years on the planet Earth,

One simple mind that never strayed since birth!

My fingers have channeled many ideas through tools of creation,

Sketches, pianos, computers revolved 'round my vocation.

The crowd used to be my motivation,

Novelty was my only book of innovation,

After facing its fiestiness, a PA's sytem shutdown after broadcast,

Failing schoolwork and a youth that wouldn't last,

To hell and back for me was handcuffs to salvation,

Calvinism was my root while Hobbes checked my plantation,

Prideful piety challenged the service under a name,

The score used to be fun until my best friend added his own rules to the game.

I turn to new hope dodging what Koopa shells bring,

After a favoured jewel accepted someone else's ring.

It won't be just another year with distractions lurking,

After tasting every dish, I now feast on cold turkey!

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Not sure if there's going to be a competition in the end, and this is terribly rough, but here goes. I was stumped as to what to write about, so I decided to write about writing, and it somehow became a poem about the magic of books, revolving around a rather lame pun on the word 'spellbound' (you know, the physical binding on the book? Bind? Bound? Nevermind). Anyway.


There’s a sort of magic in a book

From that slight crease in the spine

As gentle as folded linen or skip of velvet

To aspirations of Japanese art

Where each and every touch marks a sculpture

A vehement proclamation

An almost animalistic urge to mark

One’s territory, the boundaries of knowledge

As proof of claim to the secrets within

Masked in the ridges of living ink

A strip of gloss and paper that connects

Imagination to reality, a dialogue between one

A link that defies the stamps and clichés

Almost as if it were forged from magic

We lie entranced, spellbound.

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So here's one of my original poems, entered for this month's competition. I'm new to the competition so I don't know how everything goes down, but hopefully this submission suffices.


Would you be able to touch shadows

or fade into the sunlight?

Would you be able to sit back

and watch the color fade from your life?

Would you try to touch the world,

expecting your hand to melt,

and come out unscathed?

Would you touch the wall

and fall right through,

or would the wall keep you in place?

There is much to observe

in that time between evening and night

where all is grey, and color

becomes a thing of the past, not the future.

For in monotone chromes we see

the truth set before us

in the most vivid and gaudy arrangement

ever to be created before.

Color is a hinderance.

Color distracts.

Color takes the forms of you

and turns it into something different.

Color makes the odd things matter

and throws the important things

to the grey space.

Color is the difference between us all.

Would you be able to live without pain?

Would you see lies as colors?

Would you be able to embrace the monochrome

or just fade into the facade of color?

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(Lack of) Original Thought

I spend a lot of time thinking these days.

There isn't much else to occupy my time or mind.

What thinking I do is not my own.

There is plenty to stimulate reaction,

but rarely is that reaction more than a tired joke,

and that joke was often written or spoken by someone else.

I am a semi-sentient cross-reference of humour.

(Debate amongst yourselves the truth of this statement.)

What emerges from my mouth,

whether or not my brain has seen fit to deem it appropriate,

would, had it been typed,

be accompanied by the name of somebody who thought of it before me.

Sometimes I do not know the reference's origin,

though it is clear that it is not my own thought I express.

Once in a while I think of something that I want to believe is original,

and perhaps it is,

but I do not pretend that I really am that clever.

I find my eyes rolling deep into my skull in response to one of the myriad television ads obviously designed to enthrall the stupid,

which I refer to as "dummercials."

(This is an example of my attempt at original thought,

which I cling to because someone else already came up with "badvertisements.")

I realize quickly that any sarcastic comment I could cough up is just a poorly-modified quip from the likes of Dennis Miller or George Carlin.

Strangely, I'm rarely clever enough to keep my mouth shut.

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Huh? My post from earlier this week is gone...

Odd. Well, anyway, I'll repost what it was.

Basically, no one voted last month aside from me. Can't have a competition without votes, so I have no results to post. All you people submitting need to vote, or else there's little point in having the competition. I'm disappointed.

It's a new year, and that means FREEFORM submissions are open. Please, submit AND vote in this one. Dates for the submission and voting periods are in the first post.

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I'm contemplating an overhaul of the competition, currently, due to lack of submissions as of late. I'm not really helping with fixing the absence of submissions by submitting stuff myself, but getting my life in order is of higher priority than writing.

Anyway, keep an eye on the thread for details. And if you have any suggestions for changes, feel free to voice them.

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