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WCT - [COMPETITION OVERHAUL - NEED IDEAS] The Writing Competition Thread


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Yeah, next up is Poetry for May/June, then Freeform July/August, and back to Short Story in September/October. Every two months another competition starts, and it runs through that order each time.

In any case...


1st Place: Worn-Out Stilettos by Yousef Reda (SoulinEther)

Runner-Up: The Puppetmaster by wouldntyouliketoknow

Here's the vote spread:

Worn-Out Stilettos by Yousef Reda (SoulinEther): 8

The Puppetmaster by wouldntyouliketoknow: 7

Leearjecht by M W: 6

Good job everyone, and congrats to the winners. Only 5 voters this round (including myself), so not exactly the best turnout for both the submission voting stages. Still, it was a good round.

Can't stay and chat any longer, sorry. Design project is calling out my ass.

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I really didn't see this coming... this is the opposite of how I voted!

So.. thanks.

But! I thought we all came up with excellent work. The voting indicated that - the three submissions are within 1 vote of each other, and it didn't help that there only three submissions...

the only cure: more authors need to be writing and more votes should be cast.

my current goal: critique, and make a new sig to spread the word about this competition (with great timing, too... this April OCR month sig will expire when the next contest should start).

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So I'm looking at submitting something for the first time here and I just wanted to make sure I got everything straight.

-I know it has to be poetry under the specified word count, but does it have to be just one poem? Or can it be a series of short ones?

-Is any kind of poem, regardless of style or genre, accepted by the deadline?

-I know fanfiction and directly ripping someone elses work is a big negative, but are tributes or takes on another poet's ideas and themes accepted? Ex: One likes some of Lovecraft's poetry dealing with 'Night-Gaunts' and chooses to write something that may take place in a similar world or style, but still be their own creation entirely.

I'm a pretty avid practitioner of creative writing and am looking forward to seeing what's sent out for our viewing pleasure. Perusing over some of the previous stories/writings/etc, I like what I'm seeing.

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Welcome aboard! Also nice to have fresh faces in the competition.

1. Just one poem. If you can manage to string together a few and submit it as a single poem, that would be acceptable, but the issue will of course be that the quality will suffer if you can't make them work together as a single entity.

2. If it's poetry of any form, it is acceptable.

3. Allusion to other works is fine; just make sure you don't cross the line into fan-writing. Also, ripping something off of another person's work isn't welcomed (as in, really blatantly ripping something from someone else's work). The example you gave should be alright, just be careful when toeing that line.

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Allright, I'll enter with this:

A Black Soul


The color of my soul.


but black.

My soul,

Dark and withdrawn.

My essence,

not existing.

Her Aura,

A shining light.


my darkness.

A tear,

of my loved one.

It cleanses,

it heals.

My soul,

my essence.

Black still,

but Dark no more.

by Arthur van Dijk

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Might as well toss in what I was contemplating submitting. I wanted to go for something more profound and serious but..... this was all I could come up with.

It's actually supposed to be a song, but it's still poetry.

If Sperm Could Fly Away

by Yousef Reda / SoulinEther

If sperm could fly away

in the middle of the act

would they simply choose to stay

have a chat and form a pact?

Or would they turn and leave

open up a big umbrella?

A sight to make you heave

undulating flagella.

No calming interjection--

How's that for warm rejection?

If sperm could fly away

after a lonely thrill

where would they go to play,

how would they have their fill?

And would they be selective

about just whom they please?

Would they feel so festive

to have you on your knees?

Reciprocal ingestion,

Calming indigestion?

If sperm could fly away

in the streets where women talk

would they stir the fray

a hairy running flock?

Would women be so kind

as to welcome their new guests

offer some eggs with rind

to the sperm they'll soon ingest?

So many do it as it is,

Why not freely get your frizz?

If sperm could fly away

to the streets where some men walk

would they shout out "Hey!"

and then cut off their... locks?

Or would they say, "Good day,

I believe we've met before.

I'm Bob Mike John Lucas Ray,

doing cart runs for the store!"

Hah, you thought I was being perverted.

Good sir or madam, your moral compass is inverted!

If sperm could fly away,

we'd be a terribly screwed up lot.

I hope to never see the day

when semen ties the knot!

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I don't think I've ever heard something so dirty done so poetically.

What kind of response are you looking for from this? I can't make up my mind; do I laugh or applaud the elegant structure and syntax?

I guess I'll try to clap while I choke on the cashews I was attempting to eat.

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