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Half life episode 1 crashes


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Ok, so as some of you may know, I was thoroughly angry when my computer was not able to support regular half-life 2 and portal. To remedy that problem i got a new graphics card. Knowing that half life episode one and two have more advanced graphics, i kept my fingers crossed that my system wouldn't eat itself again. It did.

I was able to get a bit into the citadel, right after the part where the gravity gun is recharged. I first noticed something was wrong when the first letter of every word in the subtitles disappeared, then after the gun was charged, i noticed the gun was completely black and had no texture. Going into the next loading screen, the game crashed, with the sounds of Alyx's steps looping. When i was brought back to the desktop, it said something about an AVIRA antivir .dll, and part of the halflife2.exe needing to terminate. (in two seperate error messages). The screen was then permanantly stuck showing only about 1/4th of by desktop and the start pane. I had to restart the computer to get my display settings back.

I'm asking for some help with this issue, preferably finding a solution that won't require a new graphics card.

Edit: My problems most identify with "paged pool memory" issues. Although the steampowered website gives direction on how to remedy this, I am apprehensive about changing important system settings and i would like a second opinion

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