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Gamboy Tetris B Remix

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First off, I've got to point out that the guitar sounds really sequenced - not nearly as organic as what you'd expect from the real instrument being played. But that really only strikes me at first - by the time we get to that cool bendy synth at 1:49 I've forgotten about it.

The drums are a little iffy - they also seems a little too obviously programmed, as far as consistent note velocity and those incredibly fast triplet kicks go. I know, there are crazy drummers who can pull that off in real life, but there's something to be said for the value of introducing just a bit of artificial variation, just so it doesn't sound like it was so obviously made on a computer, you know? I don't claim to be an expert on that myself, but it's worth playing around with, just to see if you can introduce that variety that helps people hear it as a little more organic.

The sound effects sampled in are cleverly used - I love the little breaks at :22, and the little sequence at :58, and the chiptune section at 1:15 - actually, all in all there are a lot of brief 'break it down!' moments, which is refreshing, and provides a much-needed break from that grinding guitar.

Yeah, listening to it for the third or fourth time, I'm so relieved once I make it through the first minute - up until then, that constant guitar is kind of harsh, and the spacey section at 1:36 is a total relief. I'm not sure if there's much you can do about that (and besides, heavy guitar like that isn't really where my musical interest usually lies) but if there's any way to lighten that up - more breaks, a few more diversions into different sounds, just at the end of every other phrase, or something, that breathing room would be appreciated, I'm sure.

Yeah, this is pretty close to being perfected, it sounds like - the last tweaks are the hardest, but it seems like this'll be a sound submission when you're through!

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Okay, I never expected this thread to be commented on again at all, I deemed this song as, officially, dead. I guess the reason is the Slayer Guitars really do suck hard and no matter what I do they still sound, well, lame.

I was thinking about it and if anyone feels like collabing with me and recording/synthesizing a really decent guitar part (or anything you think it needs really), please let me know (PM me). At the moment, I've got tonnes of positive feedback for the mix (thanks @ those guys!) but it'll never get anywhere cuz of the guitars really.

If not, I'll deem this as officially dead and get back to making Pokémanz mixes. ^^

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Well, you might want to directly contact Nekofrog, Sixto, TensaiSan, or any one of the guitar playing remixers I see here all the time. Nekofrog recently contributed to Malevolent Mansion with Audix, so s/he might be a good one to ask.

Holy schneikes - I like and will treasure the mix as-is for ever and ever. Seriously. But if you were able to get Sixto to do the guitars for you on this sucka and do a steroid remix while somehow preserving the cleverness of the original - - well...that'd be something worth changing pants over.

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