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This device cannot start. (Code 10) (Vista problem)


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So before I made the change from XP to Vista ( that I regret) I had to video cards, the one that originally came with the computer and the NVidia I bought. On XP, both worked perfectly, but when I moved to Vista the video card No 1 stopped working and is giving me this problem:

This device cannot start. (Code 10)

Click 'Check for solutions' to send data about this device to Microsoft and to see if there is a solution available.

When I click on the check for solutions button nothing actually happens.

How do I solve it?

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what video cards are they? if you can actually give me a specific name, i can tell you why they did or didn't work.

you didn't do something stupid like try to plug both in at the same time, did you?

I also would like to see what cards he got going on, but why is having them both plugged in a bad thing? or have I misinterpreted your comment?

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oh, it's bad. hybrid sli is only for super new cards. if he's got two different cards (possibly even by different chipsets!) plugged into a board and is trying to run them together, you can burn out both plugs or brick the mobo. not to mention damaging the gpus due to a 'brown-out' like condition.


you can run two different cards on the same motherboard without any power issues, as long as your power supply is powerful enough

what happens 100% of the time is driver conflicts in the OS

anyway, i dont think he is talking about running them both at the same time, just one or the other won't work under vista

he needs to specify what they are and which one is causing the problem

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sorry, i had my info wrong. you can't run two cards together in sli or it'll burn out your plugs - but you can use two cards, assuming you've got enough wattage. that's my mistake, didn't realize there was a big distinction.

still need product numbers to figure out why one doesn't work.

Doesn't that defeat the purpose of SLI? I thought SLI and Crossfire were to link two cards together?

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SLI = 2 of THE SAME nvidia cards working together

Crossfire = two of THE SAME ATI cards working together

You cant do either of them if you don't use two of the same cards, the software/hardware itself won't allow it. Note, this is leaving out hybrid SLI and CrossfireX.

I have yet to figure out what mephisto is referring to when he says "burning out your plugs".

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Sorry I didnt post before, I couldnt check this site yesterday (server down right?) so I didnt post.

He are the 2 cards in question:

NVidia GForce FX 5200 (this one works properly)

Standard VGA graphics addapter. This one came with the mobo,

When I was using XP, I was able to use both card at the same time.

I would have to screens connected to my PC with no problems,

When I switched to Vista the 2nd card wouldnt work.

I didnt know till now that you could burn the mobo if you're nuning two different cards.

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a vga adapter isn't a graphics card, it's just a converter to allow your integrated video that you have on your mobo to come out of the board. likely, your integrated video can't handle vista, so as a result the passthrough (the vga adapter) doesn't work.

i'm surprised vista works at all on an fx card. they're like what, five years out of date? six?

the mobo burning out thing doesn't apply to this, it applies to two pci express x16 cards (aka, has come out relatively recently) running in sli with a bridge between them. both of those cards are PCI-only, i believe (pci 1.1, right effef?), and can't plug into a pci express slot, even if you had one.

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