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Sonic the Hedgehog - House on the Hill (Green Hill Zone)


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The project file for this remix became corrupt and is now gone forever, so I submitted this mix to OCRemix as-is. I don't think it will be accepted because it's a bit light on source material (still had some work to do). It's semi-acceptable how it is because of the way the genre works. This is somewhere between minimalist house and trance; the melodies in these are often more subtle and don't actually come out until a few minutes in. Note this kind of music isn't going to appeal to everyone.

I could have perhaps cut it down a bit and make it a bit more accessible, but with the project file gone, it is now impossible.

I would still love comments in a "things to remember for the future" context, but as for "you need to open up Live right now and EQ the kick and then re-upload this file," that kind of thing isn't going to happen.


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Cool sound, especially approaching 1:15, after that, the filter is a little too open to have the same electric piano sound and feel, but it works well.

Repetitive, and lack of source material (4:20 before I recognized anything), but a really cool sound. Sorry to hear you can't work on it, it would have been good. It kind'a is already, but probably won't be YESed. Might work if you'd find an audio editor that doens't need to re-encode the mp3, you could shorten it. That _might_ work, but there's not much melodic interpretation either. Still, very enjoyable.

Let me take the opportunity to invite you to the Seiken Densetsu 3 project. If you're interested, let me know, and I'll let you know what tracks are available (project thread list outdated).

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Haha totally digging the electo-daft punk/justice sound here.

Unfortunately, your loops get stale - especially the drums/bass.

You had a great sound going in the beginning - but you need get to the drop and PUNCH IT! I literally spent the entire song waiting for the dance floor to suddenly fall out from under me and then have the track HIT ME IN THE FACE. If that had happened, man, I would have loved this song so much. (more)

So, for future endeavors, remember that there has to be

a)DYNAMICS! I don't mean make everything LOUD, but there has to be an equivalent to a chorus section for it to really stick in my mind. Drop the floor, baby!

b)melodic content. This song seemed like a very long, obnoxious strip tease. It had great background stuff and a great build up - but no melody and nothing after the buildup. Nothing to really remember. The production is alright (drums could be a bit more heavy bass wise) but you need to work on your compositional chops.

Still, great mix, enjoyed it thoroughly. keep it up

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