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  1. Hello, OC Remix. I'm not as involved for sure as I used to be, but I've been hard at work on original music and I'd really like to share it with the like-minded people here. I've always held an interest in video game music, and so this album is the oldschool-inspired Official Soundtrack for a game that doesn't exist: Neptune. Neptune must traverse several treacherous environments and defeat the evil Dr. Musician to save the citizens of The City and his kidnapped love. The music on this album is inspired by and intentionally calls back to many of my favorite video game songs. It was produced on a modest budget. I have released it on a pay-what-you-want basis. I need to buy monitors, headphones, and so forth (my only equipment is a pair of 11 year-old Bose desktop speakers) so any money I make will go towards that. I really hope everyone likes my little album, available here:
  2. Hi there. I have a few originals up on my soundcloud, if anyone's interested. These songs are inspired by music from 8- and 16-bit action games and specifically, Mega Man. I'm in the process of making an entire "album" of these as a personal "art" project. You'll notice that they don't have endings. I want them to be as true to their genres and eras as possible, so they are looped. For the "album" version, they will simply fade out. Enjoy, and feel free to download/share with friends.
  3. The project file for this remix became corrupt and is now gone forever, so I submitted this mix to OCRemix as-is. I don't think it will be accepted because it's a bit light on source material (still had some work to do). It's semi-acceptable how it is because of the way the genre works. This is somewhere between minimalist house and trance; the melodies in these are often more subtle and don't actually come out until a few minutes in. Note this kind of music isn't going to appeal to everyone. I could have perhaps cut it down a bit and make it a bit more accessible, but with the project file gone, it is now impossible. I would still love comments in a "things to remember for the future" context, but as for "you need to open up Live right now and EQ the kick and then re-upload this file," that kind of thing isn't going to happen.
  4. I already submitted this, but feel free to tear it to shreds anyway.
  5. Personally, I thought there could have been a bit more going on throughout this. Although the arrangement is overall enjoyable, it seemed too spread out and understated. Everything else I have thought has already been said.
  6. Okay. I've listened and listened and listened. I think the arrangement is great. I think the execution is top-knotch. Comma. BUT. It's like you started out with a bad idea and expanded upon it with good stuff. The source melody does not work well with this style. At all. I can't enjoy this because it sounds like you had to try really hard to make it work or something. It's like me making a punk arrangement of the zelda overworld song. It could be done, it just doesn't fit. Oh well. Different strokes for different folks.
  7. I have to agree with Israfel on this one. While the mix itself is very nice, this sounds more like a WIP than a posted mix. With that said, it IS a posted mix, and a very nice one at that. I do feel like the guitar part is a bit too loud because of how repetetive it is. (Repeating is not bad: see Dreamer =P) Nice work!
  8. Hey Rebirth: You're the first person to ever mention the piano solo =P It's funny, I thought maybe I'd sent the wrong version of the song or something because no one was saying a THING about it, good or bad.
  9. wow. there are like NO reviews of this song =P lol
  10. They're triplets, but thanks for your comments.
  11. Definitely one of the more original mixes on OCR. Great stuff.
  12. djpretzel's best? Track 10. Coming soon... Yeah, right. The Cyan mix is great and all but it doesn't touch this. Ever.
  13. Awesome, probably one of my favorite mixes thus far. Sounds like a mix of Xenogears and Seiken Densetsu 3... keep it up, Mazedude. Overall Rating: =D~
  14. This song is great, but lose that flute. It's out of tune (and it shouldn't be because of vibrato, okay? The flute has an air vibrato, not a tuned one), and it just made the song about ten times less enjoyable. Every other element really makes the song shine, though. Great work.
  15. The key change at 3:00 sounds fine to me, but I'm used to weird key changes. =P I'm in band. Anyway, no less than I would expect from either K-Wix or MD. Excellent work.
  16. I agree with Saunders, although there are good thoughts here. The author apparently had potential, because "Good night little nemo" rocks.
  17. Pretty good mix, dan, but I'd have preferred accoustic drums over the "new-age R&B" set you're using or something. The ones after the wind "break" are better, but still, some kind of accoustic jazz set would be much better - they actually might be the same... I can't really tell. Love the double-time at 4'32. The drums work here. Ew. Not a fan of the ending. Besides some drum sample gripes (which are just personal preference - the sequencing was actually done very well) this song is definitely awesome.
  18. The ideas here are fantastic. But the entire harmony is in the wrong key. The potential is killing me, but I'm really not sure why this got posted. Fixing this is easy - just transpose the harmony instruments up a few steps. hm.
  19. Personally, I really liked this piece. I think it's a great song to play while you're playing a video game or something- coincidentally, that's what OCR is about. Overall Rating:
  20. DJ Crono - I have made many-a-remix, and I agree with the guy's comments. The song was not to his liking - he said so. That's what reviews are for. We are allowed to not like your song, and we are allowed to express that.
  21. Beatdrop - I know a lot about music theory, and I can tell you that there is one major thing to me that sticks out quite a bit.. Your base line is... just wrong, sometimes. Making the bass note a non-chord tone is not a good thing. The main "beat" could also be slightly varied in key. There are a few times where you attempted to do this, but um, screwed up. Of course, it is still a great listen - enjoyed it far more than the original. Good work!