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A fun Music-Based Flash game


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Great concept, great execution! I just beat the demo.

Do you want opinions/suggestions about the game, or about level 3:4?

As for the game, it did a fantastic job of making a puzzle look daunting, and then making it actually fun to play, and playing beautiful music when you finally start to get it. My only critisisms are: High/Medium graphics options ran kind of slowly (and Low was ugly), and the use of PURE primary/secondary colours wasn't too hot (but maybe it was neccesary to get a good-looking glow effect??)

As for Level 3:4... umm, tighten up the graphics a little bit. I hope they have another game they need designed ^__^


I would have also liked the volume changes to be more gentle - I'll make sure to email them about that =D

And about the slowness... I'm using an old-ish computer, and I don't think I have the newest Flash player installed ><

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It doesn't let me load from any level I want, so I don't know which level 3:4 is... can you give a screenshot?

Also, this calls for a thread merging! I missed the other one because of the incredibly vague thread name... I guess I'm not the kind of guy who checks out every thread to see what great Flash games might be inside, so thanks for posting this one ^_^

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