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  1. This is also my first post in many years. I have no strong opinion on this matter one way or the other, and I have never eaten a McRib.
  2. Doh, I'm busy with stuff, and not sure if I'll actually have time to do mine or not. We'll see. I'm not 100% sure, but I think that subscribers might be alerted when you switch it to public (based on one of my subscribers mentioning they saw my video in their subscriptions thing). But I could be completely wrong. I believe I uploaded said video as private, then I set it to unlisted, then public. This was just a couple weeks ago. In any case, it seems reasonable to allow uploading it as public, just to be on the safe side, no?
  3. So I've released my latest non-OCRMV video, and now the music video is the next project in the queue. I am excite
  4. I read that quote 3 times before I realized that what you "fixed" was the text colour.
  5. That sounds like a decent strategy... especially since Terran has bunkers for defence. Hmm, I should probably expand earlier with Terran... I always have trouble keeping my first Terran expo alive for any significant length of time >_<
  6. In response to the topic title... I'm just thinking how incredibly impossible it would've been to get any good at Super Metroid, Zero Mission, Metroid Fusion, Dr. Mario, Tetris, and many other great games, if any of those games had a "lives" system that made you restart the game. The best part of Metroid games for me is playing the same boss over and over again in a low item run, and losing every time ^__^ (Well... and beating the boss EVENTUALLY) The amount of skill and strategy it takes to beat some of those bosses sans energy tanks and ammo is insane, and it's hella fun. I'd be inclined to say that just pushing the save room farther from the boss room would've severely reduced the fun factor and the speed of my skill increase. Higher penalty definitely does not make better players. If SMB1 didn't have infinite continues, that would just make us REALLY good at level 1, but not the part of the game where skill matters.
  7. Bump! So I officially suck at Terran, despite the fact that I play Random most of the time. I watched a replay where a Terran opponent totally overwhelmed my Protoss base with marines before I could get much of an army up, so from that I learned how to make a pretty mean early Marine and/or Marauder ball... but that's about it. I got promoted to diamond recently, but I feel like my Terran skill is still at gold =\ When it comes to team games (2v2) I'm not too bad with Terran... but for those games it seems like the winner is more determined by the skill level of my ally and opponents (i.e. luck) It'll probably get fairer once I play more team games, but that's been my 2v2 experience so far On a completely unrelated note, has anyone else seen Protoss players making a super-early Nexus in 1v1? I've had about 4 opponents who did this, and each of them got utterly destroyed. It's like some kind of bizarro-cheese, where it's pretty much the opposite of a proxy, but it still fails miserably if it's scouted. The first guy who tried it against me had literally no army when I got to his base with a dozen or so marines, and I killed the single pylon powering his gateways the moment before they would've spawned 3 zealots (this game was BEFORE I learned how to do a good marine push). The other games weren't much harder... one time the guy placed his 3 photon cannons just out of range of his natural's Nexus, so I just walked past the cannons and killed the entire nexus with 6 or so zealots. Another time I kited his zealots with non-stimmed Marines and built a bunker below his ramp, which coincidentally was right beside his expo's Nexus (on Metalopolis). Is this early-expand build actually good ever (possibly against lower level players?), or is it just what happens when Zerg players switch to Protoss? Each time I'd scout the nexus I'd kind of panic and think "I have to attack NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!", but then I'd be met with minimal defences at their base.
  8. Also it's the plot of every video game ever. Even Tetris. ...ESPECIALLY Tetris. On topic: I haven't seen the movie yet, but I plan to. So is the Inception-style music a big part of the soundtrack, or is it mostly for the trailers? And same question again, but replace "Inception-style" with "Daft Punk style"...?
  9. lol! Haven't started mine yet, but I'm making significant progress on my non-music-video video. I still expect to finish before the deadline
  10. I am much too easily amused by the article's comments. It's as if they designed these games solely so they could be parodied by .
  11. Hehe, I thought of including a line like that in the drawing, but didn't want to remind people of the disturbing giygas fight... people might think the ice cream is some kind of horrible trap Incidentally, here's one of the reference pics I used: http://www.songportal.org/katie/quickupload/Stevomeme.png
  12. Now I've read about 5 different ways to activate snake, and none of them work for me >=(
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