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OCR01802 - Donkey Kong Country 3 (SNES) "Claustrophobia"


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OA pretty much unanimously nailed how I feel about this remix.

I only listened to this mix maybe once when it first came out and subsequently put it on hold (I'm not sure why... I might've been detached from OCR in general at the time). In fact, I'm not even sure if I listened to it fully until now.

On my 3rd listen in a row, I feel this mix definitely excels in capturing the upbeat-but-tense vibe of the original cavern levels. It seems like something I'd expect to hear in a well-produced Donkey Kong Country 3 Returns.

Either way, it's pretty nice stuff and I'd rather it be part of OCR than not. Thanks for producing a nifty DKC3 mix, AnSo :)

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I feel kind of bittersweet towards this remix. It's a GOOD remix. Really good actually. However, I absolutely HATED the original tune from DKC3. I honestly don't know why. It always sounded really obnoxious to be. So I'm not sure what to feel about this. The quality is great, but the composition is very similar to the lackluster original.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01802 - Donkey Kong Country 3 (SNES) "Claustrophobia"

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