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  1. The ending alone made this track for me. I got serious Little Big Planet vibes from that flute.
  2. I didn't find this all that great to be honest. The first half was way too similar to the original source, while the second half sounded nothing like the source. I've heard a lot of remixes on this site that found that perfect balance between creative vision and having inspiration from the source of the remix. This wasn't one of them imo. Normally I wouldn't expect so much, it's just that the original music was already very high quality and up to date, so it's a lot harder to enjoy this as much as other remixes that I feel like are more necessary.
  3. For whatever reason this remix is significantly more difficult to find on Google than other ones.
  4. Toontown was a childhood favorite of mine, and the most memorable song in the game was by far the Trolley theme. I would love to hear a happy-like chiptune remix of this song, or something else if someone has a better idea.
  5. I think most of this is pretty good, but the beginning kinda ruins it for me. I don't think the transition from the nature sounds to the main song is handled that well.
  6. The SNES/Genesis game Mickey Mania has a lot of music that I think is worth remixing. [Mickey Mania Soundtrack] Two themes in particular, "The Mad Doctor Boss" and "The Mad Doctor 1", would sound great in maybe an electronic chiptune sort of mix, with maybe a tad bit of dubstep. You could also add "Chase" somewhere in it since it has a similar composition. EDIT: Links not working so I'll repost them in order.
  7. I feel kind of bittersweet towards this remix. It's a GOOD remix. Really good actually. However, I absolutely HATED the original tune from DKC3. I honestly don't know why. It always sounded really obnoxious to be. So I'm not sure what to feel about this. The quality is great, but the composition is very similar to the lackluster original.
  8. Woah! Thanks so much! I didn't think someone would actually do it so quickly, let alone at all!
  9. This is kind of an odd request, but every time I imagine it in my head, I just want it to exist even more. The game VVVVVV has such an incredible chiptune soundtrack. One of the best tracks in the game is " ". It is such a beautiful and atmospheric piece of music. So much, in fact, that it I didn't really think it needed a remix.However, when I listened to it more, parts of the track made me think of certain parts of " " and "Chozo Ruins" from Metroid Prime (time segments included in links). So then I thought, "Why not combine the two?" I really think they would flow well with each other. The music could consist of electronic sounds with maybe a violin for the main melody.
  10. "Good headphone brands include AKG, Sony, Beyerdynamic, Grado, and Audio Technica. More $ doesn't necessarily mean better, and stay away from consumer-oriented headphones like Beats, or bass-enhancing Sennheisers." What's wrong with Sennheiser? And don't Sony headphones break easily?
  11. It would be so awesome if someone remixed Jimmy T's theme from WarioWare Smooth Moves. It's such a sexy jam!
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