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Can someone tell me what's up with this sword?

Thin Crust

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then the force behind each swing would probably damage the edge of the blade and would render it useless in a small amount of time

Yes, but the gunblade was crafted out of quality materials such as:

2 M-Stone Pieces, 2 Screws

1 Steel Pipe, 4 Screws

1 Mesmerize Blade, 8 Screws

1 Betrayal Sword, 1 Turtle Shell, 4 Screws

1 Dino Bone, 1 Red Fang, 12 Screws

1 Chef's Knife, 2 Star Fragments, 1 Turtle Shell, 8 Screws

or finally

1 Adamantine, 4 Dragon Fang, 12 Pulse Ammos

With such quality materials, it had to be strong...

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