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Fruity loops on the most basic level possible.

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Hello. I have wanted to get into remixing, and mixing my own music for quite some time now. However have had the ugliest of times to find a good latch-on point to start.

I am a guitarist (not horrible, but not insanely good), I know a decent amount of music theory, and I in general have developed an average sense of music.

My problem is that I just am having the most horrid of times getting started. I have read though the tutorials here on how to remix music, but every single one assumes that I know what I am doing. Not a single tutorial I read could really cater to the aspiring mixer who has no idea where the hell to start.

So where do I start? I have a guitar, some songs I wanna remix, Fruity Loops, and Acid. I have NO clue how to use fruity loops, and somewhat of a clue as to how to use acid. Either way, I know Fruity loops can create music as I have seen it done, but have not a clue as to how to select each individual instrument.

OKay but let's not get ahead of ourselves. I am as noobish of a noob as it gets. Where do I start? What do I do? Thank you very much.

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The reason you won't find such a tutorial here is because it's pointless. What you're really asking for is a "How do I make music in FL Studio" tutorial. This is a site on remixing; any general tutorials here should be specific to remixing and not to a particular DAW. What if I wanted to use Cubase, Sonar, Live, etc, and you gave me a mixing tutorial that was completely specific to FL? It'd be almost useless to me, and would make it a lot harder for me to focus on the parts specific to my problem (how to remix).

This is what I'd do as a complete beginner. Start with this. It'll give you an overview of the process you'll want to go through, but won't give you any specifics on how to use FL (and it shouldn't). What you should do whenever you see a term that you don't understand in that tutorial is immediately google it (this is what you should do when you see a term anywhere that you don't understand, IMO). Having done so, you'll understand the concept and will need to figure out how to apply it in FL. Well, there are a couple ways to learn FL - online help, buying the FL Studio Bible, through the FL Studio video tutorials (you aren't pirating FL, are you?), or through, once again, google.

You'll probably find people here are glad to answer a specific question you might have (moreso if you've already tried to find the answer yourself and can tell us what you've done already), but we probably won't be motivated to give you a full tutorial on how to use a piece of software when such things are available online in other places already. It'd be a waste of my time to type that out.

Good luck!

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Okay this was very helpful. Thank you very much. I will check out some of these resources you gave me and see what I can gather from them. And... I am not pirating FL studio. Right now I just have the trial. I have a cousin who is in the music industry who will likely give me one of his extra licenses to the software. If not... Then... I am boned... I am a broke college student. =( I already killed myself to get my guitar equips and my guitar.

Yeah.. Sorry if I seem a bit annoyingly helpless. I do many different types of arts, and have learned many different programs, and the way I usually learn them is by looking up a tutorial on how to do something I want to do within the program. In completing the tutorial I learn how to complete that task as well as learn a bunch of features of the program.

This was pretty much how I learned Photoshop. I looked up on deviant art Tutorials on how to CG my drawings. Worked like a charm. For some reason things don't seem to work the same way in the music scene though... =/ I guess because there are so many different types of programs people use.

Anyways... Let's see what I can get done with these resources you gave me. If I have a more specific question then I will post back here. Also! If you or anyone else has any other good advice for a beginner, then please let me know!

Thank you very much for your help.

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Well, just mentioning piracy since you will need a license to see the official video tutorials and the number of people who come through here with obviously pirated software is significant.

Keep this in mind though as you look for tutorials: you don't really need to be looking at how to remix a song. Instead, you just want to find out how to make music with FL Studio. The only real difference between remixing (in the OCRemix sense, at least) and making your own music is that in the latter case, you're creating all the musical ideas yourself. Other than that, it comes down to figuring out some or all of the following:

  • How to record live instruments
  • How to get sound from software instruments and plugins
  • How to add effects
  • What effects, instruments, plugins, etc. to use

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I didn't want to create another thread so I hope the OP doesn't mind if I post my question here to whoever can answer it:<

Do composers on this site, or any other even use soundfonts? I've been toying around with them for a bit while looking around for a workstation, and the things they can do seem quite unlimited, but the only drawback is that its a hassle to click and adjust/layer everything by mouse/computer keyboard. Is that the reason why soundfonts are rarely used? Or are they used a lot? If so, why?

EDIT: And yes, I am using the demo version of FL

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Soundfont is just a very old format and mostly used by hobbyists nowadays.

Modern sampling formats are a lot more flexible.

Which doesn't mean that SFs are useless at all. Every once in a while, I discover an awesome amateur release in sf2, and i still have the free soundfont library I built up when I was starting out 4-5 years ago.

So you have to search around a lot. I enjoyed picking my fav sounds by hand back then. I still know them way better than that big chunk of instruments that Kontakt/Sampletank gave me.

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