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*WIP* - Mega Man 4: Dive Man Jazz Remix

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Louder bass is better. However, could you turn the portamento down on it? It sounds just a little goofy as it is. It sounds like it sweeps up to every note (which doesn't happen on the bass, normally).

yeah, I was thinking the same thing. It kind of has a water drop sound to it.

Boooeeep.... <---- (I know everyone totally understands this technical lingo right!? =P )

But yeah, the boosted bass is definitely better, it's closer where it should have been all along. With this style of music it's all about that fat bass sound kind of carrying the whole thing IMO.

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So, I submitted this back in August after more tweaking based on everybody's very helpful feedback here. Unfortunately it was *NO*ed by the judges:,

Their feedback was rather positive and very helpful overall though. Based on that, I've decided to open this back up and see if anyone is interested in a potential collaboration. I'd be looking for an alto sax, and perhaps a tenor sax as well to record live versions of the sampled saxes I used in the submitted version of this song, as well as maybe a longer, more stylized solo section. If there is interest in this, I may also try to get some trumpet players on board to re-record those sections as well. I play trumpet myself, but at the time I didn't have a nice enough mic to record it how I wanted, which is why I went with samples on this track.

If anyone is interested, just drop me a message here. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time to dedicate towards remixing anymore because I just started grad school this past fall, so this really won't be a very time consuming commitment by any means if anyone does want to collab.

Thanks again for everyone who provided feedback for me on this track earlier, it was all greatly appreciated!

Oh and here is the link for the final version that was submitted to the judges:

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